Courtesy Roofing Services

Courtesy Roofing Services

Licensed Roofing Contractor -
Temecula, CA (10.92 Miles from Temecula, CA)
  • Natural Slate Roofing in Pauma Valley, CA
  • Asphalt Roofing in Chino Hills, CA
  • Tile Roofing in Newport Beach, CA
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About this pro

We cover the Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County. We are a family owned and operated licensed roofing company that values honesty and integrity. We treat your home as if it were our own. We are experts in all aspects of roofing projects and our services are customized to each individual project. We specialize in both repairs and replacements. We pride ourselves on the quality of work as well as our commitment to outstanding results. We look forward to building lasting relationships and guarantee your satisfaction!

  • Time in business: 22 years
  • 42225 Remington Ave, #A3, Temecula, CA 92592

Detailed Information

Year Established 1997
Business Categories Roofing in Temecula, CA

Services Offered

  • Roofing
    • Natural Slate Roofing
    • Asphalt Roofing
    • Tile Roofing
    • Flat, Foam, & Ply Roofs

License Information

  • Licensed inRoofing
  • Number1044624
  • License typeC-39
  • License issue date09/20/2018

Insurance Information

  • Amount$15,000
  • TypeContractor Bond

Client Review

Out of 1 Review
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By Marcia
Apr 02, 2019

Courtesy Roofing installed a new tile roof on our house and it turned out beautiful. I can’t say enough good things about this company. Showed up yeson time cleaned up after themselves did what they say they were going to do they have a great warranty for 20 years reasonable price would highly recommend them

Business Hours Please call to confirm

  • Monday 7AM - 9PM
  • Tuesday 7AM - 9PM
  • Wednesday 7AM - 9PM
  • Thursday 7AM - 9PM
  • Fri 7AM - 9PM
  • Saturday 7AM - 9PM

Coverage Area

Best Questions to Ask a Roofer Contractor

Is your bill for Roofing in Temecula an estimate or a final price?

This is very important, since an estimate is just that. Many contractors will submit a "paper estimate", meaning they've written the estimate down on paper. The bill is the true amount owed and will almost always say "Invoice" or "Bill" at the top of the page. The bill should also list the date it was issued, the due date of payment, and a list of services rendered.

What is your projected timeline for the Roofing project in Temecula?

Though a standard question, it's important to ask. Most contractors will tell you how long they expect the job to take without you asking. If they don't volunteer that information, be sure to ask. It's also helpful to ask if that's a hard finish date, meaning that it's the definite finish date. If it's a soft finish date, it may be extended for any number of reasons.

Does the Roofing job require permits? If so, will you be pulling them yourself?

Many jobs in California will require municipal permits in order to be approved by the town's inspector. It's always good to ask who will be responsible for pulling those permits, and if you'll be expected to do it. You'll almost never be told to pull your own, but knowing that Temecula Roofing permits are required makes you appear to be a well informed customer.

Are you insured and/or bonded for Roofing?

You'll certainly want to ask them this. Steer clear of any company that is not insured in California, because that means that any incidental damage they may do on your property will be a real hassle to recover compensation for. It is never wise to work with uninsured tradesmen of any kind. Most states also require that someone have insurance in order to be issued a trade license. If they say they're licensed but not insured, they're being less than truthful.

How many contractors do you have working for you? How many vehicles are in your fleet?

This is important mostly for larger jobs. Clearly a two man operation is going to build a home much slower than a 15 man crew. This is also a good indication of the overall size of the Roofing company, if that's an area of concern for you. The reason you may want to ask about the fleet is that fleet size is a good indicator of the mobility of the company. Mobility may not sound important, but it's hard for the Temecula contractors to get to job sites if they lack appropriate vehicles.