Ever since a small child I’ve been obsessed with films and movies. As a child, I would find a movie that I was obsessed with and watch it until the VCR and tape were ready to explode. As time went on, I expanded my repertoire of films and always found myself drawn to the incredible set designs and homes used for these movies. While sometimes they have created a home from scratch for the movie, a lot of times, they find beautiful homes that seamless become their own character in a way in the film. Check out our 10 favorite houses used in films we are dying to live in!

Gone With the Wind (1939)

Tara Plantation was only a movie set but it didn't make us love it any less
Tara Plantation at Forty Acres backlot.
Source: The Red List 

This incredible home, host to one of the most influential stories in film history, was supposedly in Georgia. Much to my own heartbreak, I recently discovered that Tara plantation is not a real place and rather a movie set on the Forty Acres backlot. There are pieces of the remaining parts of this set on display in a museum in Georgia.

Up (2009)

The house in Up is the perfect home for the perfect love story.
The floating home in Up all made our hearts growth like the Grinch. 
Source: SlashFilms

Within a few minutes into this film, you fall in love and have your heart destroyed by the story of Carl Fredrickson losing his wife and deciding to take the home they shared together and fulfill their dreams by way of balloon travel. While this home is ordinary as was the life they spent in it, what makes you fall in love with it is the love that was shared there and the incredible adventure it went on in the name of that love.

The Notebook (2004)

We all felt the heartbreak when Noah built Allie's dream home.
We all felt the heartbreak watching Noah build Allie's dream home in The Notebook. 
Source: Pinterest

How can you talk about movie homes without including this ultimate chick flick? I don’t know if I can trust anyone whose heart didn’t break a little watching Noah build a home for a long lost love. The home used for the film was Martin’s Point Plantation on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, with the addition of Allie’s dream of blue shutters of course!

The Great Gatsby (2013)

Gatsby's home in the 2013 film was inspired by Oheka Castle.
We are all waiting for our invite to a Gatsby party!
Source: The Great Gatsby

I’ve been waiting for my invite to a Gatsby party for my entire life and when I saw the 2013 adaptation of this story, that wait felt like it was over. The elaborate and incredible sets made for this movie transported you to the lavish parties and hallowed beauty of Gatsby’s full home but empty life. Much like Gone With the Wind, I was saddened to find that this mansion isn’t a place I can visit but based on Oheka Castle, which you can!

Home Alone (1990)

Who didn't want to live in this beautiful Chicago home from Home Alone?
This dream family home was located in Chicago, IL.
Source: Hooked On Houses

Home Alone is one of those unreasonably influential movies that people watch every year around Christmas that will never become passe. If you were a kid when this movie came out and you say didn’t try to set up your own booby traps, I wouldn’t believe you! This home is a real home in Chicago and recently sold!

Iron Man (2008)

while Stark Mansion may not be real, it's inspired by a real life home in La Jolla, CA
Stark Mansion wasn't real but was based on a beautiful home in La Jolla, CA
Source: Mirror

As a member of the Stark clan myself, I am a little partial but this is one of my favorite house on this list! Stark mansion from Iron Man was a modern spread filled with incredible technology that would be a dream for anyone to live in! This home is based on a real home in La Jolla, CA that just recently went off the market!

Batman Begins (2005)

Mentmore Towers was depicted as Wayne Manor in Nolans version of Batman.
This real life castle was the set for Wayne's Manor for Christopher Nolan's Batman series. 
Source: Wikipedia

Wayne Manor has been depicted over the Batman series in different ways and different styles but all are beautiful, sprawling homes. In Christopher Nolan’s version of the Batman story, they used Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire owned by the infamous Rothschild family. This expansive home is the perfect backdrop for the Dark Knight himself.

Twilight (2008)

The Hoke House hosted the fictional Cullen family for the Twilight movie.
The Hoke House was finished right before the filming of Twilight. 
Source: Ideasgn

While I may not be able to vouch for the writing or acting in this movie series, the production designer for the films was incredible talented. This home, called Hoke House in Portland was completed just in time for filming. The home was both modern and felt like a part of the beautiful scenery around it.

The Proposal (2009)

This beautiful home was set in Alaska in The Proposal but was actually located in Massachusetts
This beautiful home was set in Alaska in The Proposal but was actually in Manchester, MA. 
Source: Hooked on Houses

I certainly couldn’t have a list about films without including a rom-com! This home, the setting for The Proposal, was an incredible Alaskan home that made me feel like packing my things and heading north. To my surprise, this home was not too far from my actual home in Manchester, MA.

Mean Girls (2004)

The George residence in Mean Girls was a dream mansion.
The home of Regina George is every bit as big and over the top as Regina herself.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

If you are a Mean Girls fanatic like me, you’ll never forget the moment when the camera pans and you see the sprawling mansion Regina George lives in. I loved this home so much I had dreams about living here. This 11 bedroom home hit the market for nearly 15 million dollars in Toronto, ON!

While we can’t all live like movie characters and celebrities, we can certainly admire these homes from afar! Did we include your favorite house? Share on Facebook and let us know in the comments!

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