If showering in the morning is as boring as brushing your teeth, you’re far from alone. But with some creativity, vision, and assistance from experienced professionals you don’t have to have a run of the mill shower any longer! Check out the showers you could be pampering yourself with, but you’ve been warned: prepare to be jealous. Of course, you could always start planning your own bathroom remodel and give up boring mornings in boring showers completely. Use these gorgeous shower styles as inspiration and refresh your refreshing morning showers.

A Couple’s Retreat

Room for two with this double shower model
Double shower Active Rain

This isn’t really about saving water, but showering together cuts down on the arguments of ‘who gets to go first!’ and helps smooth out a morning routine. This shower gives couples that option with two showerheads but without the ‘locker room’ feel of some dual showers. Plus, it allows for plenty of room for each person showering, and the glass partial doors offer a classy design with an airy feel.

Open Water

Open, airy, and liberating shower setup
Open shower concept Fundogaia

This open shower is set in the corner of the room and bordered by a glass partition on one side (and nothing on the other, as the name suggests). Perfect for houses with an open concept interior design, or just for homeowners who like the idea of being able to take a shower without feeling boxed in. The paneling on the walls and the inset shelf make this shower particularly inviting!

Bathed in Style

Stylish modern take on the bathroom shower
Modern shower style Pinterest

With this shower, you’ll be bathed in style and water both, even though it’s not a shower/bath combination. Using multiple water jets at multiple angles, along with a enjoyable showerhead above, it feels almost like you’re soaking in a Jacuzzi tub while getting ready for work in the morning, all with the convenience of standing in the shower.

Steamin’ Hot Design

Steam rooms are becoming ever more popular in recent years
Steam room This Old House

What could be better than a shower in the morning? The ability to take a quick steam at the same time! No longer only available at the gym or at the sauna, you can have the health benefits and the luxury of a steamroom right in your shower, too. The lavender lighting in this shower makes for a uniquely pleasant experience (did you know that lavender essential oil is super healthy too? Add some to this shower and your body will surely thank you!).

It’s Getting Hot in Here...

Color changing radical shower tiles
Heat vision shower Pinterest

So check out all these tiles! For a super cool and interesting concept, this shower uses heat-sensitive tiles for the walls and floor. The tiles will change as the water hits them and heats them up, which makes for a fascinating (and constantly changing!) design. Much more fun than plain, black tiles, that’s for sure!

Singing in the Shower (or Should That be Rain?)

Free open shower will make you want to sing like a songbird taking a bath
Glorious feeling Shower Head Guide

Well, luckily with this shower, you don’t have to decide! This luxurious rainfall showerhead lets water cascade down onto you as if you were standing outside during a heavy rainstorm. Without harsh jets of water or weak trickles, it allows you to enjoy a peaceful moment before the hustle of another day at work.

Sink In…

The very green option to showering
Sunken floor design Pinterest

Following the lead of innovative bath design, this shower area is ‘sunken’ into the floor, creating a separate shower space without closing it off from sight or making the room look/feel smaller. This particular design allows for seamless transitions from a bath to a shower, if you like to soak but are ready to rinse off!

Sensational Spiral

Spiral shower tile for a unique design
Like having your own seashell Pinterest

This unique and intriguing design for a shower draws the eye and attention! Walking around the spiral allow the bather to feel sufficiently separated from the rest of the room without doors or boxes, and adds more visual interest to the room than a plain rectangular shower.

Get into the Water Cycle

Shower cycle circle that's totally electronic
Programmable shower Idea Connection

Or at least this circular shower! One of the coolest, unusual showers, this fixture can be used indoors or outdoors and also comes with LED lighting and water that sprays from multiple location around the inside. If you’ve got the space for it and want to wow your friends, this is the shower for you!

Lay Back and Relax

Bedroom showers for the ultimate in relaxation
Relaxing in the bed style shower Dorn Bracht

No, seriously. Showers are all good and fine, but what’s up with having to stand? If you’re not really a fan of soaking in a bathtub but still wish you could sleep through showertime, this is the design for you! With plenty of room to relax however you’d like while still having the benefits of a multi-jet shower, this innovative shower might be our favorite one yet!

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