Fences are wonderful. They give us privacy in our backyards while also keeping our kids and pets safe. But for many homeowners, fences can be a bit boring. Whether your fence is showing its age or you wish it would complement your backyard better, there are ways to dress up your fence to make it more aesthetically pleasing. From murals to mirrors, here are ten ways you can decorate your fence to make it more than a practical necessity.

Fence Mural

Beautiful beach painted mural on fence
A beautiful seaside mural on a wooden fence. Source: DJ Lightfoot

Everyone loves looking at a beautiful mural, and when one is painted on a fence, it can transport you to a faraway land or tropical paradise. Hire a local artist, paint one yourself, or shop around for a stunning self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper.

Cross-Stitch Murals

Cat wall art for an exterior fence
Cross-stitch cat fence art. Source: iCreative Ideas

Don’t have a wooden fence? No worries! You can still create glamorous works of art on your chain link fence by using simple cross-stitching techniques!


Exterior windows in a backyard fence
Mirrors as decorations for a fence. Source: The Brambleberry Cottage

Have a small backyard? Make it seem bigger by decorating your fence with mirrors! The mirrors create the illusion that your backyard is much bigger than it really is. Or, create an “invisible” fence by using a mirrored fence.

Painted Wooden Crates

Use wood crates to add storage and color to your fence
DIY box art on a wooden fence. Source: HGTV Gardens

Wooden crates make great storage areas, and when you paint them fun colors and hang them on your fence, you get both a piece of art as well as some extra storage space.

Lace Fence

Lace fence turns your function fence into a masterpiece
Lace fence from Lace Fence

If you do decide to replace your fence, why not invest in a stunning decorative piece? Lace Fence designs and creates functional and decorative fences that will wow you and your guests.

Vertical Garden Frames

picture frames and succulents make great vertical gardening on your fence
If you don't have a lot of backyard space, try a vertical garden on your fence! Source: Sky Parlour

When you want to exercise your green thumb but don’t have enough real estate, consider vertical gardening. Using wooden frames and succulents, you can have a gallery wall of gardening!

Glass Beads

hang glass beads on your chain link fence
Add some bling to your fence with beads and gems! Source: Pinterest

Add a little bit of beauty to your chain link fence by using wire and glass beads. You’ll love watching your fence become illuminated when the sun hits the beads. Alternatively, if you have a wooden fence, you can drill holes and place marbles in the fence.

String Art

Show the world your artsy side with fence string art
Fence string art. Source: 1001 Gardens

String art is all the rage these days for interior design. So why not use your crafty skills to design a brilliant string art display on your fence?

Astro Turf

Use astro turf on your fence
Astro turf fencing. Source: Jackson Landscape Design

If you’ve always wanted a living wall but don’t have the time or skills to take care of one, make a faux living wall out of astro turf! It’s also a great way to cover up those parts of your fence that are starting to look run-down.

Repurposed Items

Use repurposed items to decorate your fence
Fence decor Jen Bowles

Have a shed or garage full of old furniture or scrap metal? Put your DIY skills to good use and use your leftover materials to create fence art. You’ll love how colorful, creative, and personalized your fence looks.

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