Grilled kabobs are delicious dinners to look forward to through the winter, but after a few weeks you may be looking for new, exciting options for your dinner menu. Well, as it turns out, you’re not stuck with heading indoors to the kitchen to stand in front of a hot stove - grilling is actually a pretty versatile option! From an unusual salad entree right down to the dessert course, there’s an option for every taste bud. Maybe even an option that looks good for tonight...take advantage of that outdoor kitchen space and fire up the grill!


Outdoor grilling on the patio, nothing says summer fun quite like it
Did you know you could grill lettuce? RecipesHubs

Start your dinner off right with a smoky and crisp grilled lettuce salad! Who new salads could be so delicious? Plus, the first course will make you look like a pro.

Grilling veggies, a not often sought out alternative to exterior culinary work
Grill some veggie outdoors DrKaraFitzgerald

Brussels Sprouts used to top the unwanted vegetable list, but not after trying them on the grill! In skewers or tossed with oil in veggie grill baskets, you can’t beat ‘em.

Kitchen secrets: did you know you could grill artichoke?
Everything looks better with grill marks BonAppetit

Alongside your usual peppers and corn, think about adding some grilled artichokes to the mix. They’re delicious and healthy (and grilling them is much more fun than boiling them)!


Not many homeowners think to grill bread outdoors
Go nuts and grill some bread on your lawn DimaSharif

Everyone loves pizza night, but not everyone loves ordering out all the time (especially when it means compromising on toppings). Instead, how about a pizza night you get to have outdoors? With this grilled pizza recipe you can enjoy summer weather, and everyone gets their own dish.

Grilled grilled cheese! Get it? Exterior home cooking you can be proud of
Grilled grilled cheese HealthyLifestyleRecipesBlog

Have you ever wonder why they call it grilled cheese when you almost never see it being actually grilled? Well once you try it on the grill, with thick-cut bread and melty cheese, you’ll never enjoy grilled cheese without real grill marks the same way again. These also make a great option for non-meat eaters at a cookout.

Another food item you may have not thought to grill
Having actual grill marks from a grill makes the difference Sargento

Another good, non-meat option on the grill? Quesadillas! The versatile quesadilla can be made with or without meat. Serve with grilled avocado guacamole for a real treat.


Cook a live lobster on the grill for a meal that flips itself
Surf and turf with some lobster tails Today

Who says shrimp are the only shellfish that can go on the grill? Take your lobsters, clams, and mussels out on the back deck too for a feast to remember.


Even fruit can be thrown into the fire
Dining hacks: grill some fruit RecipesHubs

Easily one of the most satisfying grilled fruits out there is the pineapple. Cut in thick chunks and drizzled with honey or simply chopped and put on skewers, grilled pineapple is a great side, dessert, or anytime snack.

Peaches and cream on the grill
Grilled peaches and cream FoodNetwork

Peaches are a perfect summer fruit, and who knew you could make them even better with the help of your grill? Keep them simple for a delicious, healthy side, or indulge with this recipe for cinnamon sugar butter and top with ice cream.

This pit is bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.
Grilled fruit in its own container? Why not? RecipesHubs

As a side or a dessert, grilled bananas (with or without the s’more-like toppings) can’t be beat. The heat brings out the sweetness of the fruit (though the toppings will satisfy every sweet tooth present)!


Kitchen delights you can make on the grill
Delicious grilled dessert KissMySmoke

What would dinner be without dessert? Well, you don’t have to reach into a hot oven to be able to serve blueberry cobbler to your family or guests - this grilled option can’t be beat.

Dining hacks for your home's exterior grilling
Even cinnamon rolls? FoodHacks

These are often a breakfast food, but who says you can’t have breakfast for dessert as well as dinner? Orange-infused cinnamon rolls are a favorite for home-grilling OR camping, and they’re fun for kids to help out with too!

Interior baking ing the kitchen but on the grill? Pound cake recopies for your home
You can even bake on a grill RecipesHubs

Finally, you would never guess one of the easiest grilled desserts out there - grilled poundcake. Yep, we’re serious - you can throw thick slices of pound cake (or shortcake, or zucchini bread...even doughnuts) right on the grill for a warm, delicious end to an amazing summer meal!

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