Your backyard is supposed to be an escape from the stress of everyday life. So why not turn it into an incredibly fun and relaxing area? If you have some DIY skills, you can! Turn your backyard into your dream staycation spot with these sixteen genius DIY ideas.

Oversized Allium Flowers Will Make Your Backyard a Whimsical Place for Your Kids

Oversized allium flowers make your backyard look like a Dr. Seuss book
Lawn care tips Bin Bin

These giant purple allium flowers will make your backyard look like it’s right out of a Dr. Seuss book, which means your kids will love playing in your backyard!

Turn an Old Bunkbed Into an Outdoor Lounge

Turn an old bunkbed into an outdoor lounge
DIY bunkbed lounge Rambling Bog

If your kids have outgrown their bunkbed, don’t throw it away! Instead, turn it into a gorgeous outdoor lounge.

Make Your Own Firepit

DIY home exterior ideas: make your own firepit
DIY firepit DIY Network

A firepit is a must-have for any backyard, and building one yourself is easier than you’d think! Plus, when you DIY, you can make it any size or shape you want.

Make a Hammock Bed

Make a hammock bed for a relaxing retreat
Hammock bed Apartment Therapy

Is there anything better than relaxing with a good book outdoors? There is if you make this stunning hammock bed. You'll never want to leave!

Set Up Your Dream Campsite

Create your dream campsite in your backyard
Outdoor backyard camping Pinterest

Love camping? If your budget doesn’t let you travel all over the world, why not make your dream campsite in your backyard? Get a tent and some faux-fur throws to create a primal campsite close to home.

Check out more creative DIY projects for your backyard at Blessings.

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