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In a home where open space is a rare commodity, organization takes skill, creativity, and dedication. Rest assured, it is entirely possible to have a small home that is completely organized, stylish, and clutter-free. Using these 3 tips on how to organize your small space, you’ll be able to keep your home clean and clutter-free, opening up space you never knew you had.

Double-Duty Furniture

Dual purpose furniture organization
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The easiest way to store and organize your belongings is to use furniture that can pull double-duty. Ottomans are great for storing extra blankets or pillows. Beds can have drawers or hidden compartments. Nightstands with drawers can hold all of your electronics, eyewear, or lamps. Get a coffee table that lifts up or has drawers to store your magazines and remotes. Turn a door into a bookcase. You’ll be able to find many DIY project tutorials that can help you turn your stylish furniture into stylish and functional storage with just a little creativity.

Vertical Storage

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If you have walls and a ceiling, you instantly have more storage space in your smaller sized home than you thought. Maximizing your space is the most important thing you can do when trying to organize a small home, which means thinking vertically is often the best way to overcome the buildup of clutter. Shelves and small spaces are best friends. In the kitchen, opt for open shelving. Not only will they provide you with more shelf space because you won’t have separated cabinets or cabinet doors, but the open, airy look will make your kitchen look bigger. If you live in the city and you are an avid biker, you can hang your bike from the ceiling or get a shelf that does double duty as a bike rack. Ceiling-mounted racks and shelves are fantastic for small homes and apartments, especially in a guest room or garage to hold holiday decorations and items that aren’t used frequently.

De-Clutter Your Home and Life

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If, after taking advantage of double-duty furniture and maximizing all of the space in your home, you still don’t have enough storage space, it’s time for a major yard sale. Chances are, most of the clutter you have is made up of paper: bills, statements, and holiday cards. If you need to save them, get a document scanner and make digital copies of them before shredding them. You’ll be amazed at how much space you create just from getting rid of paper. Clothes that haven’t been worn in over a year should be donated or thrown out to clear some space to organize your shoes, scarves, or to add more shelves for books and decorations. Reducing the amount of clutter you have to deal with will make keeping your small home organized quick and easy.

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