Any kitchen instantly becomes happier with doughnuts
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Is there anything better than biting into a warm, delicious, sweet and airy doughnut, first thing in the morning or as part of a decadent dessert? We don’t think so! Doughnuts are the perfect treat for anytime during the day, and what’s better is there are so many types and flavors of doughnut that you really can’t go wrong. Look long enough and you’re sure to find the perfect doughnut to fit your tastebuds’ needs, and what better way than to make them yourself?? Homemade doughnuts might seem like a lot of work but they’re actually simpler than plenty of other recipes, and plus, the end result is totally worth it. Get your kitchen ready to get baking (and you might as well bake off two batches - you’re going to want them).

Doughnuts in the Morning

Dripping with warm goodness
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We of course have to start with a Classic Glazed Doughnuts from epicurious. With simple instructions and easy-to-follow steps, these doughnuts look as good as made. Plus, the recipe includes instructions for a basic sugar glaze and a chocolate glaze, though also recommends trying the doughnuts plain or with a dusting of powdered sugar. However you like them, these classic doughnuts will be your top choice for breakfast as soon as you try them!

Delectable chocolate covering
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Once you’ve mastered the basic doughnut, try this New York Times inspired Boston Cream Doughnut. Well-known for their sweet chocolate topping and mouth-watering cream filling, these doughnuts are must-have breakfast treats for mornings on-the-go. (Trust us, they’re much better than a poptart!) Plus, they’ll keep for 3-4 days in the fridge, so your hard work will pay off for almost the entire work week. The perfect pairing for a hot cup of coffee on your way to work.

Doughnuts at Lunchtime

Sprinkled on treats any time of day
Doughnut holed with sprinkles TheDonutManCA

Who says doughnuts can’t be a part of your lunch too? While we can’t recommend eating doughnuts for every meal, there’s no harm in incorporating these sweet snacks into a midday treat - for this, we’ve found these Easy Homemade Glazed Doughnut Holes from Just a Taste. They’re small and good for munching, and the extra boost of sugar might be just what you need to stave off the dreaded afternoon slump. Easier to eat than full doughnuts but just as tasty, your coworkers will be jealous! If you’re not as much a fan of the simple, glazed doughnuts, try some custom options (chocolate-dipped with sprinkles, powdered sugar with a raspberry filling, the options are really endless).

Doughnuts for Dessert

Even plain doughnuts are still pretty good
Toasty, crispy doughnuts Javacupcake

These sweet treats are for more than just breakfast - with the right recipes (and the right toppings, sometimes), they’re versatile enough to be enjoyed for dessert as well. For instance, these Cake Doughnuts from Allrecipes are moist enough to be enjoyed with a scoop of ice cream in place of more traditional cake. The original bakers dusted the cake doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar, but you can try any combination of toppings you like (did we hear ‘cream cheese frosting’, anyone?).

Sugar treats with flair
Mix and match treats HalfBakedHarvest

Finally, doughnuts themselves have been used in all sorts of other recipes to create wonderful, delicious desserts to be enjoyed all summer long. From donutmiso (tiramisu made from doughnuts!) to Grilled Doughnut and Pear Sundaes, the sky’s the limit. We’ve even found a recipe for S'more Doughnut Sandwiches with Easy Homemade Beer Marshmallows that you can make while out camping - doughnuts really are the perfect treat for anytime, anywhere.

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