Home may be where the heart is, but most people have a long way to go before their home is the dream house they’ve always imagined. Your dream house may be the the simple structure you’re living in now, but some homeowners go the extra mile making their ideas into reality. From an at home arcade to an adult tree house to your very own spa, the sky really is the limit with these fun, luxurious home remodeling projects. Whether you’re still just fantasizing or you’re ready to take the plunge, take a look at this list of the 5 best home remodel projects; trust us when we say they give a whole new meaning to term ‘home improvement’!

Customized Pool

Vegas style light up swimming pool at night
This custom Vegas-style swimming pool is perfect for a night swim!

Whether you enjoy swimming outdoors under the stars or you dream about an indoor pool that looks more like a tropical oasis, there are definitely pool options for you. Everything about a pool, from the size to the shape to the view (glass bottomed- or sided- pools can offer stunning views of scenic landscapes and cityscapes alike) to the surrounding environment can be customized. You’ll never visit a public pool again!

Cement in ground swimming pool with a completely custom design
Custom concrete swimming pool

Hidden Doorway

Usually the setting of a dark yet thrilling mystery novel, hidden passageways have gained traction on the home remodel scene in recent years. Something as simple as adding a bookcase to a door (or as complex as a remote controlled staircase), companies like Creative Home Engineering can help design the perfect setting for your own mystery. (For simpler versions, you may be able to make do with just a hidden doorway. Talk to local door contractor if you’re interested but lacking the cash to build in a new room).

Adult Treehouse

Be honest, you know you want one
We know you want this adult tree house.

You’re never too grown up to come down from a treehouse, but if you’re still spending time in the same small treehouse you grew up with, it may be time for an upgrade. Adult treehouses can include multi-level platforms, firemen poles, rock climbing walls for entrance, canopy walks, zip lining, you name it! Starting at about $40,000, these treehouses can be customized to fit your particular space and your wildest adventures.

At-Home Arcade

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Looking for a solution? Consider creating an at-home arcade! We’re never too old to stop playing, and with companies like Dream Home Arcades selling genuine arcade games for in-home use and basement contractors more excited than ever to get creative, what’s stopping you?

In-Home Spa

Elegant, regal hot tub fir for royalty
Get rid of stress with your own in-home spa!

Never again will you spend the money on a weekend spa retreat when you can bring the spa right into your own home. Talk with a professional about where to start - you may want to go for a complete bathroom remodel, or you may be content to make upgrades one step at a time. Either way, treat yourself to luxury with a bathroom spa experience that fits your every need (and let’s be real: who doesn’t need a little more pampering in their life?).

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