Getting organized is no easy task, especially if you’re not necessarily a neat and tidy person. Fortunately, there are some quick and creative tricks you can use to get every room in your home organized and keep it that way. To keep your New Year’s resolution of getting more organized in the new year, follow these simple tips.

Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

Organization tricks for under the kitchen sink
Kitchen remedies Apartment Therapy

One of the places you may not think about very often is the cabinet space under your kitchen sink. You most likely have to rummage around under there for a while before you find what you’re looking for. Using a tension rod and some baskets, you can easily get this space organized.

Organize Your Storage Containers

Life hacks: 2016 organization tricks storage
Organization tips from Better Homes and Gardens

If you’re like many homeowners, your storage containers are in a messy pile in a kitchen drawer or pantry, making it difficult to find the size and lid you need to store your food. For the new year, make it a point to organize these containers by using your old CD racks.

Organize Your Jewelry

Organization tricks for necklaces and jewelry
Jewelry organizers Brit+Co

There are many clever and creative ways to store and organize your jewelry. You can use a decorative piece of art to hang bracelets on or you can hang necklaces from shower hooks. Sort earrings by placing them in ice cube trays or hang them on a peg board. You can even repurpose a wooden serving tray or cheap utensil tray and some small hooks to make your own jewelry organizer.

Organize Your Work Papers

Indoor plants to help with office decor and organizing
Plant organizers Design Sponge

For a fresh, new way to organize mail, important documents, and files, make your own nature office organizer. Studies have shown that the color green (and live plants especially) are great at boosting creativity and productivity.

Organize Sheets and Pillowcases

Bedding storage hacks for homeowners
Bed storage Martha Stewart

If you can never find matching sheets and pillowcases, employ this handy trick for keeping your linen closet organized. Fold the sheets neatly and tuck them into their matching pillowcase. Then stack the pillowcases based on size or which bedroom they belong in. You’ll never have to go hunting for matching bedding again.

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