Decorating your house is what truly makes it your home. There are countless ways to design and decorate a home and the unique choices and compromises which you make along the way say a lot about your particular taste and style. What they don’t have to reveal, however, is your working budget! By keeping an eye on these hidden gems of the online decorating market you’re sure to find an affordable and unbeatable way to design the dream home you’ve always wanted, without building the debt you’ve always avoided.

On this list you’ll find a little bit of everything for home decorating projects from great sites to find a deal on carpets to ceiling fans and everything in between, all adored by our team and by leading decorators and interior designers alike. With a bit of patience and luck you’ll be able to find all the coolest features your home could need through these sites and still have money left over to celebrate the look and feel of your new home!


Wayfair and the new advantages it poses
Lots of home furniture and decor options! Source: wayfair


From bedroom to bathroom remodeling, Wayfair has made a name for itself as a destination for homeowners and decorators alike on an incredibly wide variety of design projects. Check them out to save money and time on your next decorating spree.

Canvas Home

While decor you find on Canvas Home may be a bit more costly than some of the other options you’ll find on this list, there’s no denying the graceful, soft-spoken charm which all the furniture, lighting, and flatware they have to choose from possess. Even better, just about everything they sell is made in America!


For 20-somethings who are trying to find a way to design an uncompromisingly unique home, Society6 is the perfect balance of quality and quirkiness with the site’s community of artists delivering eye-catching takes on everything from wall art and tapestries to throw pillows, duvet covers, and phone cases. For homeowners who want to bring their personality into every facet of their space, this site is an absolute must! (And really, who couldn’t use another Star Wars reference around the house?)


You’ve probably heard of Etsy by now but you may not appreciate just how helpful their community of artists and artisans could be with your home’s personalized new look. Aside from the quirky and completely original jewelry and accessories which the site is famous for, you can now find one-of-a-kind decor items for your home’s walls, shelves, and even landscaping all crafted with care by people you can contact directly at a moment’s notice.


You know what ebay is, but do you know what it can do for you?
Get great deals. Source: ebay


The bargain-hunter’s playground! eBay has been an internet shopping staple for 20 years now and still has a vast wealth of surprising deals available to homeowners who are dedicated to fighting for the style their home deserves. Be sure to read all the reviews of the seller you’re looking into, however, to make sure that the deal isn’t too too good to be true.


Remodelista is a relatively young company which, aside from providing helpful guides and inspiration of home improvement projects, gathers and publicizes some of the best deals on home decorating materials from around the internet and around the world. Their offerings include everything from flooring tiles to window treatments, shower curtains, and storage options.


Overstock is a fantastic source for budget friendly home decorating materials for every room of the house. Professional decorators and designers have been advocates of this site for years now and with the huge selection and reasonable prices it offers, it’s easy to see why. Much like Wayfair, Overstock sells a wide variety of items with everything from bedding and carpets to furniture, cars, and engagement rings now available through the site!

The Thrift Shopper

We were very exciting finding this one, and think you will be too! The Thrift Shopper is a nationwide directory of thrift stores, consignment shops, and similar businesses which makes it super easy to find the one closest to you. These shops not only represent a great hunting ground for unbelieveable home decoration finds but also serve as a valuable form of charity for many organizations throughout the country. A good deal and a good deed all in one!

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