Why Crock-Pots are Perfect for Summer

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Crock-pots, or slow cookers, are good for much more than warm winter stews. In fact, we think they’re the perfect kitchen appliance for the summertime, and we’ve got the recipes to prove it. So why do so many put theirs away this season? We’re not sure, but here’s why you should make room on your counter:

  • Meals: One of the great things about crock-pots is you can often cook an entire meal with one recipe in the crock-pot, or you can cook the main dish and serve it over a bed of fresh greens. Not bad for one appliance!
  • Easy: Crock-pots are probably one of the easiest ways of cooking. All you need is a little time in the morning (or night before) for prep and then you press a button and the cooker takes care of the rest.
  • Time: Ties right in with the point above - crock-pots take much less time than if you came home to then cook a full meal, especially if you’re cooking for your family. Sometimes the only prep is putting everything in the same pot, and you can leave for the rest of the cook time.
  • Heat: Ah, yes, this is the number one reason why we like crock-pots in the summer as well as winter: instead of having to stand in front of the hot stove or spend time tending the grill, the crock-pot takes care of the cooking for you! When you get home, all you have to do is serve.
  • Clean up: Since you’re cooking an entire meal (or a big part of the meal) in the slow cooker, clean up is super minimal. All you have to do is clean out the interior bowl of the crock-pot and the lid, and you’re good to go for next time!

Best Summer Crock-Pot Recipes

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to break your crock-pot back out of storage, we’ve got the recipes you need from morning till night. Give them a try, and we bet that crock-pot will earn a permanent place in your kitchen through the winter and summer.


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