The 4th of July is coming up fast, and who doesn’t want to spend it splashing around in a pool? The hot temperatures make the pool a perfect place to hold a pool party and enjoy the long weekend this year. If you’ve taken care of the pool maintenance and completed the other outdoor landscaping you needed to do, put some time and energy into updating your pool to throw the pool party of the season! Whether you’ll be having kids over throwing a more adult party, here are 10 ideas to make your pool party one to remember! Plus, some of these ideas are additions that can last past the 4th of July, so consider them an investment in a fun-filled summer.

Swimming pool fun and care
In-ground swimming pool

For the Kids

  • Toys: Kids at a pool party with no toys is unheard of, and there are so many good pool options to choose from. Be sure to choose options based on when during the day you’ll be partying (water guns for the afternoon; glow sticks at night) and maybe think about setting up a pool toy station.
  • Net: Not the net you’re thinking of – rather than a cleaning net, set up a temporary or permanent volleyball net across a middle section of the pool for the kids to play over or a basketball net for shooting hoops during the party. They just might bring out the kid in all of your guests!
  • Slide: It may take a bit more work, but if you have the time and the space, a slide winding its way directly into the pool will be sure to take center stage for this party and all of the next parties as well. Permanent options are much more durable and stable, especially if you have kids of your own who will continue to enjoy it all summer long.
  • Rock Climbing Wall up to Slide: If you choose to go with a slide, or if you already have one, upgrade it by installing a short rock climbing wall for kids to climb up to the slide in addition to the ladder. It’s an activity kids love on its own, won’t take up a lot of space, and makes the water slide seem that much cooler.
    Wooden patio that reaches the swimming pool
    Patriotic pool

For Anyone:

  • Lights: One for the kids and adults alike, instead of your regular in-pool lighting, consider installing more colorful lights for a flashier night party. Use themed red, white, and blue lights, or opt for lights that change colors as the night goes on.
  • Pool Speakers: What’s a good party without tunes? If the portable speakers just aren’t cutting it (and let’s face it, with a full pool how could they be?) think about investing in speakers specifically for the pool. There are so many options out there, from floating speakers to fully installed pool speakers, that choosing something to meet your needs for this party and every next party should be a breeze.
    Swimming pool speakers for the ultimate experience
    Outdoor relaxation

Adults Only

  • Poolside Fire Pit: A perfect accompaniment to a backyard gathering, building or installing a fire pit in the near vicinity of the pool provides a good space for gathering when not in the pool, and also a reason for making s’mores! This is an option that can also be enjoyed by the kids, but if you are going to be having kids running around the pool, be conscious of where you place the fire pit to keep everyone safe.
  • Inflatable Raft = Floating Cooler: If you’re looking to make drinks more accessible while guests are in the pool, blow up an inflatable raft, fill it with ice, and stock it with the bottled or canned drinks of your choosing. It’ll float while you relax and will keep you from having to go back and forth from the kitchen all day.
  • Swim Up Bar: Go the extra mile this party and the rest of the season by updating your pool to include a swim-up bar! It may take a little extra planning, and maybe the help of a pool contractor too, but it’ll be a worthwhile investment for entertaining. You can install seats on both side of the bar area so as to create access from both dry land and the water, and be sure to fully stock it for this Fourth of July weekend!
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