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How Much Does it Cost to Audit Home Energy in Gardendale?

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Many homeowners fail to realize the value of home energy audit in Gardendale. Some think that it is just a waste of time and money. However, getting a good understanding of the benefits that a Gardendale home energy audit provides will surely open your eyes to its many possible contributions to make your home more energy efficient. An energy audit conducted by a professional can certainly help you lower your bills. They can pinpoint and suggest some home improvements that are cost-effective and help you reduce your energy consumption. It can also contribute to making your home more comfortable to live in. Aside from that, it can substantially help in improving your family’s health and welfare by assessing poor indoor environment caused by air leaks and improper insulation. A home energy audit in Gardendale is also guaranteed to be environment-friendly. Meaning, in consuming less energy, you are reducing your carbon footprint. Considering all these factors, you might see that energy audit is actually beneficial and useful not just to your home but to the environment and community as well.

Fair price breakdown

The cost of a home energy audit in Gardendale depends mainly on a few factors like how intensive you want the test to be. You may opt for a basic or traditional testing, or you can get a more advanced one that uses special equipment pieces and tools. Nevertheless, the goal is to help you save on the cost of your energy consumption. Depending on the process that will be used by the energy auditor, a Gardendale home energy audit can take about 2 to 4 hours to be completed. Keep in mind that the more intensive and in-depth the testing is, the more time it takes. This means that the cost can be higher. There is really no way to know the exact cost of an energy audit service. That is why most professionals can only give cost estimates that can change at the end of the inspection. On average, most homeowners spend around $290 up to $500 for a home energy audit in Gardendale depending on the size of the house and the tests that will be made. It has been noted though that older and larger homes are more expensive because of the many inspections that need to be conducted.

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To reduce the cost of your home energy audit in Gardendale, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with your commercial energy provider about possible rebates. Some energy companies are offering these rebates to homeowners who are finding ways to help reduce their consumption of energy. Though these rebates usually range from $50 to $100 only. You may want to think instead of the great long term savings that you will get, moving forward, after you get a professional Gardendale home energy audit service.

Jefferson County Home Energy Audit FAQ

There are three common audit types that you can choose from; the standard audit, the standard audit with blower door, and the standard audit with blower door plus infrared. If you want to know what suits your home best, contact the nearest home energy audit service provider in your area.

A blower door is a piece of equipment used to determine just how much air you lose because of leaks. Determining these leaks and fixing them can help you keep the quality of air inside your home and reduce your energy loss.

The best that you can do is prepare yourself to point all areas of your home that you are having some problems with. It can help in completing the audit a lot quicker.

Last Updated: Jun 9, 2020

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