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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Painting Contractor in Mobile?

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What type of painting project is this?

Painting Contractors can increase the value of your home by $986

Painting your home’s facade and insides constantly adds value, regardless if you’re improving your home’s look and feel for many years to come or adding curb appeal to sell it. Mobile painting contractors definitely know what a homeowner wants and they are available to provide the services of painting your home. Painting a house may look like an easy task. Some may even think that with just a brush and a bucket of paint, they can go around doing the job. However, there are several factors that need to be considered before you decide against hiring a professional painting contractor. A good wall or ceiling painting is something that can be seen at first glance. Professional painting contractors in Mobile have years of experience applying paint coats evenly on walls without the bumps and bubbles. The type of paint is important too since a wall’s material and built may require a specific paint only. Most homeowners do not know this and end up applying the wrong kind of paint and ruining their wall’s features.

Fair price breakdown

Painting contractors in Mobile can possibly charge a flat job fee for exterior spots like siding, garages, decks or sheds. In any other case, they commonly charge on an hourly basis. A painter's total quote will be based upon the number of hours they presume may be needed to finish the project, in addition to a few varying aspects, that include location, type of job (interior versus exterior), painter's experience, and the season. For a 250 square feet wall, the basic estimate of labor costs that includes preparation of the wall, planning, equipment, material, area preparation, setup, and cleanup would amount from $1,042 up to $1,042 for 4 hours.

Estimated final cost for painting contractors

Item Quantity Fair Price
Home Exterior Labor 36.4 Hours $1,550.11
Home Exterior Job Materials and Supplies 1600 Square Feet $429.37
Totals - Cost to Paint House Exteriors - 1709 Square Feet $1,979.48
Average Cost Per Square Foot $1.24

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It is highly advisable for homeowners to start small when it comes to budgeting the cost of the painting project. Remove things that may add difficulty to the task and may cause extra fees. Try to do the wall preparation like cleaning it or scraping it yourself. It would lessen the labor cost of a professional Mobile painting contractor if they will not have to do the preparation.

Mobile County Painting Contractors FAQ

There are a number good reasons why you should hire a professional to paint your home. Apart from being more time efficient, getting painting contractors ensures any project complies with health codes, is correctly prepped and cleaned up, and supplies an expert finish. Instead of hassling by using ladders, harmful fumes, and disorganized clean up, get skilled painters to get the job done easily and masterfully.

The duration of a task differs. Almost all the residential paintings are usually completed in under 7 days, however, there are also jobs which often require over a couple of weeks to finish. Commercial painting assignments may take much longer based on the size of the building. If the service providers believe that the project might take more time than anticipated, they will let you know at once.

The majority of surface preparation is going to be accomplished according to your own personal requirements. Preparation is a significant component of your painting investment. All outdoor surfaces are going to be cleansed and peeling spots are going to be scrapped. If you would like, the professionals can sand peeling corners and caulk as desired. All inside surfaces are going to have nearby surfaces covered and essential steps taken to ensure adhesion. Additional preparation depends on your needs and desires.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2018

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