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How Much Does it Cost to Service a Stainless Steel Countertop in Mobile?

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What countertop material do you need?

Stainless Steel Countertops can increase the value of your home by $7,851

A lot of times when you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, you have to think about the overall outcome. What the design will look like, whether it will impress you when it’s done and so forth. There are lots of considerations that homeowners think about when it comes to the installation of stainless steel countertops Mobile. But why really do you need to redesign the countertops? What makes all the difference? Having new Mobile stainless steel countertops is an important point of consideration, because, in the long run, this is all aimed at giving your kitchen that makeover you love. You could have seen it on some TV show and fell in love with it, or maybe you might have other sentimental reasons. One thing that is true, however, is that the installation of new Mobile stainless steel countertops will breathe a new lease of life into your kitchen.

Fair price breakdown

Costs will, of course, be the next thing on your mind, having looked into the design that you want. It is also one of the reasons why you should consult professional stainless steel countertops Mobile contractors to assist you. The materials and installation costs will be at the top of the worksheet. In most cases, these are measured per square foot of installation required. Have a professional contractor walk through the design you want with you, then together you will work out the necessary information on how to make this work.

Estimated final cost for stainless steel countertops

Item Quantity Fair Price
Metal Countertop Cost 215 Square Feet $11,119.42
Metal Countertop Labor 15.9 Hours $675.65
Metal Countertop Job Materials and Supplies 200 Square Feet $472.42
Totals - Cost to Install Metal Countertops - 215 Square Feet $12,267.49
Average Cost Per Square Foot $61.34

Find the Best Costs on Stainless Steel Countertops - Mobile, 36602

Other than the cost of the materials, you should also look into the cost of anything that is included in the base price for your installation. In as far as Mobile stainless steel countertops are concerned, these additions will include costs for cutting holes for your sinks, grinding down the solder joints professionally. You should also understand that there are some costs that will in most cases not be included in the basic quote that you receive for the Mobile stainless steel countertops job. These include backsplashes, some edging varieties, integrated sinks and embossed or brushed finishing upgrades.

Mobile County Stainless Steel Countertops FAQ

When you get in touch with your contractors, there is a lot that you can learn from them, especially about the design that is applicable to your house. You can choose from the variety available, and make sure that you have a design that is workable for you. Perhaps one of the things that you can look forward to when you have stainless steel countertops Mobile installed in your home is the fact that they all come with warranties and a guarantee that you will have the best design you needed.

This will depend on the thickness of the Mobile stainless steel countertop being fixed in your home. In most cases, you will not need to have a sub deck if your countertop slabs are at least 3 cm thick. Other than that, they can be fixed to lie on your cabinets, so you do not have to worry about a sub deck.

A template is the pattern that is designed for your countertops. It is from this pattern that your contractors are able to produce the countertop that will eventually be used in your house. Think of templates as blueprints. It is important to work with templates because, in the long run, they help you make sure your Mobile stainless steel countertops will look just as you had discussed with your contractor when they come through to assess your requirements.

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2017

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