Building an outdoor deck at home is always a great addition, not only to your property’s value but also to your family. The extra living space can be a great experience, offering a safe and comfortable space that your kids can play in and your friends can come to relax by the pool. 

Outdoor decks have several benefits and if you decide to install one on the outside of your house, you can use them in your favor. Check out below some of the advantages you may not know!

It can be installed in any type of soil

A good thing to know about installing a deck in your house is that you don’t need to worry if the soil is compatible or not. Outdoor decks don’t get in conflict with basically any type of ground. No matter if your yard is composed of gravel, clay, sand, etc, you can still have your deck built with no problems.

Boost curb appeal

Nothing is more charming than a natural wood deck to match the green around your garden and give an extra value to your home look. Installing an outdoor deck is usually a good way to renew the look of a house’s landscaping.

Obviously, the kind of wood and the paint you choose also depends on the look of your house. It’s recommended to choose the best wood you can afford and to paint or stain the deck according to your home’s style.

Boost the value of the property

Speaking up on financial matters now, building a deck can certainly boost the value of a house efficiently, and some experts even claim it could do so as much as the addition of a new room. It can bring benefits if you decide to sell the house in the future or desire to increase your net worth.

An entertaining place

By building a deck in your house, you are automatically creating a new living place you can take advantage of. Outdoor decks are great places to host parties, family get-togethers, or barbecues. This is a great benefit especially in the summertime when staying inside a close home can feel suffocating. 

Easy building project

Another great thing about the idea of building a deck in your house is that this is a rather simple process. The project is simple, it won’t require you to vacate the house and it usually takes only a few days to get everything set up.

A platform for what’s new

The deck extension in your house can offer you space for new structures or ideas on the outside of your house. Depending on the layout of your backyard or patio, you can extend the deck to an edible garden, a swimming pool, or create an amusing living space.

Having a deck at home means a new space you could enjoy wildly, so new things and projects are totally welcome on the deck platform.

How much does an outdoor deck installation cost?

Deck installation

You may be wondering, despite all the advantages of having an outdoor deck, how much does it cost to extend a deck? Mostly, the cost is approximately $25 dollars per square foot, but the total price may vary a little depending on the wood type, size, service, and extra options you choose. This way, the average total deck extension cost can be from $1,200 to $14,000.

Deck repairing

And of course, as time goes by, some damage can happen to your deck. Some boards may break, the foundation can get harmed and other problems can appear, but they can be fixed without too much stress. The average cost to repair a deck is approximately $500, and from that, there are some variations in prices based on its range. A repair of low extent varies from $50 to $200, while a larger repair can vary from $1,800 to $3,000.

A local deck building company can give you an estimate of the cost to install a deck in your yard, along with any features you may want to add.


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