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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Deck in San Jose?

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What type of project is this?

Deck Repair can increase the value of your home by $779

In most places, decks are considered an inseparable part of the home itself. Some homeowners even include them in their house’s master plan. During summer, the deck is a good place to lounge or gather the family. It can also be used for entertainment. Decks are normally made out of flat and wooden materials. They’re elevated from the ground and built outside the house. Normally, decks are built with railings for safety. Since decks are made out of wood, it is highly susceptible to damages caused by weather conditions or elements found in the environment. Homeowners typically hire professional San Jose deck repair services to fix and maintain their beloved decks. Decks should be examined at least once or twice a year for possible damages like loose boards, protruding nails, or any other possible deck repair that may be needed.

Fair price breakdown

San Jose deck repair cost depends on the repair needs of the deck. Deck repair is a very common house improvement project that will add guaranteed value to every home. Many homeowners decide to take the task of repairing their decks into their own hands. That is okay if you have a background in carpentry. However, if you don’t have any knowledge, it will be more economical to hire professional San Jose deck repair contractors to ensure that everything will be done to suit your requirements.

Estimated final cost for deck repair

Item Quantity Fair Price
Deck Repair Cost 111 Square Feet $505.02
Deck Repair Labor 4.9 Hours $500.19
Deck Repair Job Materials and Supplies 100 Square Feet $33.69
Totals - Cost to Repair Deck - 111 Square Feet $1,038.90
Average Cost Per Square Foot $10.39

Find the Best Costs on Deck Repair - San Jose, 95101

Labor, materials and the structure or design of the deck are the factors to consider to estimate the cost of repairing a deck. Minor repairs will always cost less, whilst serious damages can cost a hefty sum. Decks add value to homes so consider it as an investment. The cost of deck repair in San Jose will always be dependent on the purpose of the deck and how extravagant or simple it is.

Santa Clara County Deck Repair FAQ

Deck repair and maintenance is best left in the able hands of professional San Jose deck repair contractors. You will be guaranteed with great results and terrific workmanship. You can always choose to do it yourself but it will be time-consuming and the result can sometimes be disappointing.

A regular deck repair takes no more than 2 days to finish. A day is dedicated each to both cleaning and repairing possible damages.

There are a lot of deck repairs available but the most common will include fixing or replacing old and rotting woods, replacing several loose boards and filling visible cracks and holes. However, if you want a perfect deck finish, you may opt to request for a complete restoration from your deck repair contractor. This service normally includes re-staining, repairs (both minor and major), and cleaning.

When looking to hire professionals for deck repair in San Jose, make sure that these qualifications are being met: experience, insurance and certification and commitment to provide excellent service by the company. Experienced deck repair contractors can make good assessment of your deck situation and will lay out several options for you to choose from. They work precisely and past. Insurance and certification will give you guarantee that only professional repairmen will handle the restoration of your deck. Lastly, deck repair contractors who are customer oriented and inclined to look after the needs of their clients are more likely to deliver the best results expected of them.

Last Updated: Nov 9, 2019

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