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How Much Does it Cost to Repair Electrical in Santa Maria?

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What type of electrical project is this?

Electrical Repair can increase the value of your home by $104

Your electrical system is as important as any other utility system in your home. It regulates the distribution and usage of your electrical power within your home. Without an electrical system, there is no way to let commercial power into your property. Your electrical system is a complex system composed of a series of wirings and circuitries put together to enable your electric powered appliances to run smoothly. It powers your lighting system, heating and cooling system, washing machine, dishwasher, gadgets and much more. While it provides a lot of benefits and comfort to you and your family, it can sustain damages and encounter problems that may require electrical repair Santa Maria. Damages to your electrical system like broken wirings, short circuits, and other problems cannot be fixed by any inexperienced individual. Professional electricians should be the ones performing Santa Maria electrical repair because electricity is a serious matter. If not handled properly, it can lead to bigger problems like fire and may even cause death.

Fair price breakdown

The most common issues in your electric system that may require electrical repair Santa Maria are damage outlets, GFCIs, switches, replacing old wirings and control panels. Licensed electricians generally charge between $50 to $100 per hour depending on their experience and the difficulty of the task. If you are living in an old home with outdated electrical wiring system, you may need rewiring. It is important to replace and upgrade your electrical system because modern appliances require an enormous amount of electricity that your old wiring may not be able to handle. If you want to replace your old electrical system, it can cost approximately $800 to $1000 to upgrade to 100 amps. If you are living in a big house, you may need to shift to 200 amps, and that can cost you additional $500 to $1000 depending on the amount of wire needed and your location. This number already includes new meter, disconnect, piping, wiring, electrical panel and weather head.

Estimated final cost for electrical repair

Item Quantity Fair Price
Electrical Receptacle Cost 1 Receptacle $10.25
Electrical Receptacle Labor 2 Hours $94.45
Electrical Receptacle Job Materials and Supplies 1 Receptacle $21.24
Totals - Cost to Replace Electrical Receptacles - 1 Receptacle $125.94
Average Cost Per Receptacle $125.94

Find the Best Costs on Electrical Repair - Santa Maria, 93454

A damaged GFCI can be replaced and fixed in less than an hour. The cost can run around $100 to $200 including the wires, outlet, box and other parts needed. A three-way switch can be fixed by an electrician in 30 minutes to an hour. This can cost between $200 and $225 including materials and wirings. As standard outlet can be fixed for $100 to $150. Electrical repair Santa Maria of a 220-volt outlet is costlier and goes around $120 to $170 including the materials and wirings. If you want an overall house rewiring, it would cost you approximately $2500 to $5000 for a 1600 square feet home.

Santa Barbara County Electrical Repair FAQ

If your appliance keeps on tripping the circuit breaker, it should be immediately unplugged and repaired. If possible, and if the issue keeps on happening even after the repair, you need to consider purchasing a new appliance as a replacement. Same goes with any appliance that gives you electrical shock regardless of how mild it is. Have it checked or replace it before it causes further damage to your property and to you.

Most people think that old homes may require immediate rewiring. However, that is not always the case. Rewiring can only be determined by having your home inspected. You can carry out your own inspection on minor electrical components in your homes like switches, sockets, and accessories. If you happen to notice burnt marks on your outlets or plugs, arcing sounds, circuit breakers tripping and blowing fuse, these are possible indications of electrical wiring issues.

Yes. Your electrical wiring is an expensive and dangerous component of your home. If handled by an inexperienced individual that has no necessary training, it could lead to disaster.

Last Updated: Aug 1, 2020

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