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How Much Does it Cost to Service a Pool Deck in Santa Monica?

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Pool Decks can increase the value of your home by $8,162

There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you install a pool. Aside from the fun and enjoyment that you can get from it, a pool can also help improve your way of living and enhance your health. However, most homeowners get too focused in building the perfect pool for their property that they tend to forget that its surrounding needs some attention too. With the passing of time, your yard can lose its appeal too. If this happens, you might rethink your improvement plans and include installing a pool deck in your next project. Pool decks in Santa Monica are among the most popular ways of enhancing the surrounding of swimming pools. Santa Monica pool decks can be installed using different materials like stone or pavers. It can make your poolside more functional. You can add a lot of features like a barbeque grill that you can use when hosting an event for your friends or pool lounge chairs where you can relax under the sun. You can also add a spa that you can use to ease the tension off your body after a long day of hard work. You can design it and fill it with things that will make your yard more elegant and alive.

Fair price breakdown

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of installing pool decks in Santa Monica. These factors usually include the materials to be used, the design and size of the deck, and the labor. There are a lot of available materials that you can choose from for your pool deck. However, the most commonly used are timbers and pavers. Santa Monica pool decks made from timber are estimated to cost around $150 to $250 per square meter. The amount already includes the labor cost. However, if you would like to save cost, it would be better to build pool decks alongside other improvements to your yard like the pool itself and landscaping. On the other hand, paver pool decks in Santa Monica can cost around $170 to $300 per square meter, including labor. Pavers are durable and cost effective when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, unlike timber.

Estimated final cost for pool decks

Item Quantity Fair Price
Synthetic Decking Cost 1282 Square Feet $8,903.36
Synthetic Decking Labor 42.4 Hours $1,542.74
Synthetic Decking Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $379.32
Synthetic Decking Equipment Allowance $57.50
Totals - Cost to Install Synthetic Decking - 1282 Square Feet $10,882.92
Average Cost Per Square Foot $9.07

Find the Best Costs on Pool Decks - Santa Monica, 90402

Building pool decks in Santa Monica requires the expertise of professionals. You might consider hiring a contractor for this job. A contractor may charge you an hourly fee amounting to $80 to $100 per hour. However, some contractors usually offer fixed rate charges for their services. You will get an estimate that will include the cost of all the things needed to complete your project. This may include the material cost, labor cost, and other tools and equipment needed to build your pool deck. You might also consider computing for the cost of furniture and other features that you want to include or installed in your pool deck project. Pool decks in Santa Monica are considered to be good investments that will provide fun and enjoyment to your family while adding value to your home.

Los Angeles County Pool Decks FAQ

Yes. Just like your usual deck, you can also add railings and stairs to pool decks. You can have them painted to match the exterior of your home or your yard. You can add any feature as long as it is possible to be added.

Yes. If you hire a professional or a contractor, all works pertaining to your pool deck are guaranteed.

Yes. You can have your timber pool deck finished with waterproof coating to prolong its life even if it's exposed to the pool's water.

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2020

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