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How Much Does it Cost to Service a Glass Sliding Door in Denver?

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Sliding Glass Doors can increase the value of your home by $423

Many homeowners nowadays are being smitten by the many benefits Denver sliding glass doors provide in their modern homes. Sliding glass doors in Denver are deemed to be a good insulator. They can ensure that your home will remain warm during the winter season and cool during the summer. Modern sliding glass doors are even made to be sound and weatherproof and can keep off outside noise and dust from getting inside your home. Since a sliding glass door is typically designed with large panes, it can give you a better view of your outside surroundings without the need to open it. It gives off the feeling of letting your environment flow inside your house. You might think twice about installing sliding glass doors in Denver for fear that they might shatter easily. However, glass doors today are made to be shatterproof. They will not break easily even if applied pressure or when encountering an accidental impact. Also, Denver sliding glass doors are only gliding along their tracks. This is considered to be a great space saver that can provide you easy access to your outdoor area. They are also environment-friendly and can help you reduce your energy consumption by letting in natural light during the day. On top of all these benefits, a sliding glass door can add curb appeal to your home. It can make your home look more stylish and elegant.

Fair price breakdown

There are a lot of factors to consider when computing the cost of getting sliding glass doors in Denver. Some of these factors include the kind of glass door that you will install, the preparation and labor, materials and supplies, plus any equipment that might be used to install them. Prices for a sliding glass door vary depending on the brand and kind of glass door. The style and design might also add to the door price. Sliding glass door prices may start at around $300 to $800 for a basic one. Around $700 to $1,100 for a standard 8 feet wide door that has aluminum or vinyl frame with screen door or built in blinds. The installation can cost around $500 to $2,000 depending on your location and the difficulty of the project.

Estimated final cost for sliding glass doors

Item Quantity Fair Price
Storm Door Cost 1 Door $344.18
Storm Door Labor 4.4 Hours $195.75
Storm Door Job Materials and Supplies 1 Door $24.41
Totals - Cost to Install Sliding Doors - 1 Door $564.34
Average Cost Per Door $564.34

Find the Best Costs on Sliding Glass Doors - Denver, 80202

If you are going to install glass doors in Denver that are already pre-hung, expect to pay around $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the size of the glass door. French door style Denver sliding glass doors can be installed at around $1,500 to $4,000 depending on the size. The amount can change depending on the features that will go with your door installation. You may also expect higher cost if you decide to get impact-resistant sliding glass doors in Denver that can withstand a strong gust of wind brought about by hurricanes. This can cost you around $4,000 to $9,000 depending on the size of the door. Other cost considerations that go with owning sliding glass doors include repair, cleaning, and regular maintenance. Repairs typically start at $50 and can go as high as $1000 depending on your doors damage.

Denver County Sliding Glass Doors FAQ

Yes, definitely. Cleaning your door's tracks will ensure that your sliding glass door will glide smoothly and without a problem. This will make it easier to be opened and closed.

Yes. You may discuss this with your manufacturer or retailer. Some of them already have pet door-ready sliding glass doors. This will save you the cost of installing pet doors.

Depending on the weather and how you keep your tracks cleaned, they can last from 15 up to 20 years.

Last Updated: Oct 2, 2019

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