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Decorators and Design can take many forms, so we're going to abridge that list. The most common styles generally fall under:

  • Contemporary


  • Rustic


  • Modern


  • Mediterranean


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Interior Decorator

Getting a pro for your home is a great way to truly maximize the amount of space you have and get the right decor choices in your home. An interior decorator can assist you in all of this. So start choosing your favorite ideas and get a better sense of what you want for the home (2). Additionally you can always hire a pro for ideas and put in the finishing touches yourself. This is not just practical but also more affordable.

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Design vs. Decor

Essentially it boils down to what stage the professional is working with your home. An interior designer will be shaping your home from the start, working with blueprints, contractors, and architects. This is a profession that requires an background education in the field. Conversely, interior decor is just making that design look even better (3). This is a job that does not require background credentials, and most homeowners tend to be amateurs at this to begin with. So the real difference is whether the expert is working with the decor in your home or the design of your home.

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This is something homeowners typically do themselves. It's a relatively easy principle, and so much is left up to personal taste that it may be easier to simply pick out your own decor. There are a few things to keep in mind when decorating your home, so a quick breakdown follows (4):

  1. Inspiration
  2. Colors
  3. Texture
  4. Furniture
  5. Decor
  6. Floral arrangements
  7. Finish
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Choosing the style of your home is perhaps the most personalized thing you can do in the interior decor world. There are so many different kinds of style for interior design, that we could write an entire article just based on that. So here are just some of your options.

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Old fashioned, country, and usually made of either metal or wood, rustic interior design is great for homes that are out on a ranch or want to be. You can see this vibe at most barns or inside themed old timey restaurants and bars. This is the perfect place to hang a steer skull or cowhide whip. For all the cowboys and girls out there or just people who appreciate those kinds of aesthetics, rustic design is the way to go. Some rustic designs include:

  • Wooden signs
  • Old shelving
  • Western decor
  • Repurposed wood
  • Saloon walls
  • Chalkboard
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Smart, sophisticated, and stylish, modern interior design and decor is all about looking sleek. Mid century modern is defined by clean, unadorned interiors (5). Most commonly the style features linen, wood, and leather materials for furniture. The term "modern" can also refer to anything cutting edge in the interior design world. Anything new and noteworthy is by default modern. So it's not unheard of to see 1950's era design in brand new homes (6). Modern types of interior design can be:

  • Retro furniture
  • Slick counters
  • Honeycomb shelving
  • Checkered patterns
  • Marble fireplace
  • White or beige interior paint
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Often interchanged with "modern" styles, contemporary is the most up to date interior design, being completely different every five to ten years (7). While modern has a fairly set design, contemporary is whatever the newest craze is for interior decor. A contemporary area will usually incorporate modern elements and pieces. This can include the following:

  • Graffiti wall
  • Concrete floor
  • Blond wood
  • Ombre rug
  • Neutral colors
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Exactly as the name implies, mediterranean styles draw from Italian, Greek, North African, Moorish, and Spanish influences. This translates to terracotta roofing, stylish pillows, and circular designs. Oval doorways and spherical chairs benefit from this kind of decor. Many beachside homes mimic this type of style and architecture (8). Otherwise Mediterranean concepts can include:

  • Natural colors
  • Intricate designs
  • Stylish furniture
  • Rustic motifs
  • Soft rugs
  • Handmade accessories
  • Mosaics
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The concept of interior decorations and design has been around since the ancient Egyptians (9). But it really started to pick up in the twelfth century with the emergence of Gothic influence. Then the Renaissance brought in major upgrades to both art and architecture. Nowadays it seems like most homes go either modern or minimalist in America. Here's a very brief history of interior design:

  • 1300 - Gothic
  • 1400 - French Renaissance
  • 1600 - Italian Baroque
  • 1700 - Rococo
  • 1800 - Neoclassical
  • 1900 - Art deco, Mid Century Modern, Minimalist
  • 2000 - Eclectic
  • Now - Contemporary
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Feng Shui

As the ancient Taoist philosophy of finding harmony and balance in your surroundings, Feng Shui has recently made it over to the U.S. In the western world, Feng Shui is more focused on clearing out the clutter in your home (10). This doesn't completely ignore the energy flow of the ancient tradition, but it does emphasize peaceful design over eastern philosophy (11). Some tips include:

  • Using your front door
  • Investing in a fountain
  • Bringing in the garden
  • Keep the bathroom door closed
  • Reduce clutter
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