Whether you’re a first-time homeowner and your home looks like it, or you’ve recently picked yourself up by your bootstraps but your home has lagged behind, it may be time to give your interior decorating style some extra attention. While plenty of houses could use some more heavy-duty living area remodel, for some homes, there are much easier solutions to create a mature, classy style that will wow your friends and family (even your parents!). Take it from us - you don’t need to start ripping out walls to create a home you’ll feel good showing others. All it takes is some planning and a little time and effort, and you’ll have the home you always dreamed of. Check out our favorite ideas below and start planning; there’s no time to lose!

Entertainment Center

Living room design that says
Quiet, relaxed Buzzer

Most renters and homeowners have a tv, and most even a tv stand, but if you’ve still got your tv sitting on the tv stand with the wires collecting dust behind the set it’s likely that it’s taking away from the style of the rest of your living area. Rather than leave it as a unit, why not mount the tv and hide the wires behind the drywall? Even if you have weak walls, it’s not difficult to find a stud and mount the set, leaving you free to keep the wall below the tv clear and the wires out of sight. The process takes at most a couple of hours, and you’re left with an entertainment area fit for a much more mature and sophisticated audience.


Classy artistic picture wall art for a living room
Picture wall art Sally Whetten

No, we’re not talking the poster collection you started in high school. ‘Grown up’ homes include tasteful artwork in matching frames, mounted on the wall or sitting on clean shelves. Try an assortment of complementary frames in varying shapes and sizes to display both classic artwork and keepsake photos - a professional framing job can keep your walls and shelves looking grown up without you having to hide the pictures that make you smile. You can also try printing photos in black and white tones for a more artistic take on home photography.

Comfort Underfoot

Sprawling rug patterns with unique design
Rugs and carpeting HGTV

If you’re lucky enough to have wood floors in your space, you’re probably well on your way to achieving a put-together space...but even wood floors can feel bare and empty without an area rug to liven up the room. Rugs are definitely an investment, but don’t skimp on size or quality; a cheap rug is easily spotted, and a too-small rug will look out of place (or will make your furniture look over-sized and childlike). Look for a rug that matches the colors and style of the rest of your space, and is big enough to fit under the front third of the furniture (but not all the way to the wall). It might take a little longer to save up for a good rug for your space, but when it comes right down to it, the durability, comfort, and added elegance will absolutely be worth it (and don’t forget to take care of the floors, too!).


Living room decor options that bring the room together
Turquoise accents Decoist

Think back about the last really well-designed home you were in, and mentally look back over the details that pulled the space together. More likely than not, the things you thought of - a well-placed vase, or a couple of decorative throw pillows - were thought-out, matching accent pieces, chosen specifically to fit the space they were in. Accents can include everything from smaller, decorative pieces to a full accent wall, and as long as the colors and shapes are well-matched (and not overly bright or exuberant). Plants make for great accents too (not to mention they show you’re capable of caring for a living thing besides yourself). If you’re unsure about the colors, a decorator can help you choose a theme and a few accent colors, and sometimes painting is better left to a professional as well.


Modern appliances for an adult world
Kitchen appliances

Though another investment, a sure way to update your home is to upgrade your appliances. Rather than keeping the same old coffee-maker you’ve had since college, think about finding a newer model with a few bells and whistles, if coffee is your thing. If not, invest first in the appliance that fits your lifestyle and your priorities and take care of the rest later. Find quality machines that are sturdy and durable so you won’t have to replace them as often, but know that some appliances are likely to undergo technological innovations, so invest wisely. Be sure to keep up with maintenance for any appliances you upgrade, and enjoy spending time in your mature, adult home!

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