Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the mothers in our life, and our grandmother is the special someone we’ll be focusing on today!

She deserves just as much love as our mothers do, and with these DIY gifts and activity ideas, we’re sure that unspoken love that words cannot explain will be felt more than ever before.

“My grandmother lived to 104 years old, and part of her success was she woke up every morning to a brand new day. She said every morning is a new gift. Her favorite hobby was collecting birthdays.” - George Takei

Photo Lamp Shade

Beautiful Photo Lamp Shade for Mother's Day!
A DIY photo lamp shade makes a sentimental and wonderful gift for grandma. Source: Under The Sycamore

This photo lamp shade is a beautiful DIY gift that’s surprisingly easy to do, and it’s something grandma will love to keep close. Check the tutorial at Under The Sycamore!

Breakfast in Bed!

Everybody loves breakfast in bed, so why not make this a special little surprise for grandma on Mother’s Day? If you’re unsure what to cook for her, take a look at our Food & Recipes category: there are hundreds of delicious recipes!

Personalized Tea Sachets + Gift Box

Tea Sachets your grandma will love!
If your grandmother loves tea, this is the perfect gift for Mother's Day! Source: Martha Stewart

What an adorable idea! The sachets are a beauty of their own, but add the unique gift box for an extra charm. She’s sure to enjoy tea time knowing you made this gift especially for her, and took time decorating the sachets. Learn how to make it here!

Movie Night!

You can invite both grandma and mom over for a special movie night! Make a list of cool movies you think she’ll like and let her chose. Alternatively, you can all watch her favorite movie together! Make something delicious and just enjoy time together.

Printable Coupons

Let grandma pick her fun with these printable coupons!
Personalized coupons are a wonderful gift for grandma! Source: Clementine Creative

This simple idea is famous for Mother’s Day - print out a few coupons with different activity ideas and hand them out to grandma on a cute bag or personalized notebook (we selected some cool ideas below) so she can pick one every day, and then, the rest is up to you.

The one you see above with blanks to write whatever you want (to add that personal touch) can be found here for free!

Other awesome printables you may like!

Adorable Personalized Mug

This personalized ceramic mug will melt anyone!
Make a personalized mug and give it to grandma. Extra points if you give her the personalized tea sachets too! Source: Gimme Some Oven

If you can believe it, those mugs up there were entirely personalized - you can have the same set-up and write whatever you want on your own special mug for grandma!

All you need for this DIY gift is:

  • White ceramic mug
  • Ceramic/glass paint marker
  • A little bit of creativity
  • Love for your grandmother

That’s it! You can check the full tutorial at Gimme Some Oven for the specifics.

Talk to Her

Don't underestimate the power of a good warm hug that comes whenever, wherever. Be sure to give out lots of hugs - not just on Mother’s Day, but whenever you feel like it! Don’t get caught up in your busy life and when you remember “I need to call grandma, it’s been a while. Maybe tomorrow”, don’t postpone it. Call today! Call just to say hi and that you miss her, send a text saying good morning sometimes. These little things are really big for her, because it means you care and you’re taking time to keep in touch and let her know she’s appreciated.

Floral Teacup Arrangements

Floral teacup arrangements to show some love on Mother's Day!
Floral tea cup arrangements are easy to make and will brighten up grandma's day! Source: Koch

The beauty of this one is how easy and simple it is to put together, and look how adorable it looks! There’s so much you can do by simply experimenting with a few different colors and cup styles - it’s guaranteed grandma will love it! We got this idea at Koch, there are some more cool ideas there too!

Help with Daily Chores!

This one almost goes without saying, but grandma could really use some help with daily chores from time-to-time - even if she stresses how much she doesn’t need help. Be sure to provide as much as she allows, she’ll surely be grateful! Bring flowers to put on her table, maybe some festive balloons to surprise her, a painting for the wall made by her grandkids, etc. Making her home more comfortable for your grandmother is priceless for her.

Seed Packets

Seed packets for that grandma that loves gardening!
If your grandmother has a green thumb, give her these personalized seed packets! Source: Satori Design For Living

You can create these beautiful personalized seed packets that any grandma will fall in love with - it’s the perfect addition to her garden!

You Cook Dinner!

Grandmas will often insist on cooking, so it can be a lot of fun to have her relax on a special day and let you do all the cooking. We’re sure she will want to help somehow - because grandmas -, so ask your mom for help to keep her away from the kitchen while you do your thing! Once again, if you need recipe ideas, check out our Foods & Recipes category!

Relive Dear Memories

Relive your dearest memories with grandma!
It's time to relive your favorite memories to celebrate your love!

You can ask your mom, sisters, aunts...all the women in your family to celebrate Mother’s Day together. Think of something very dear to you and your grandmother and try recreating it.

If you remember baking together when you were a kid, it would be nice to do that again. Or if you remember going for ice cream or brunch together every Sunday, go again! This time ask her to share stories and memories with your family. All of them can actually share stories about motherhood, have fun and spend quality time with each other.

Celebrate all the moms in your life!

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