One of the most awesome ways to decorate the musically inclined home is with DIY music decor. This can be anything from your standard musical notes painted onto your interior walls or if you’re an ambitious DIYer, creating your own decor from inoperable musical instruments. Let’s start with the ever coveted drum set light fixture.

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” - Lao Tzu

Consider trying out the following music decor for home

  • Guitar shelf
  • Note-shaped racks
  • Giant wooden pick wall art
  • Pick collage
  • Cassette tape faux wall
  • Clothespins colored like piano keys
  • Musical table decorations
  • Using mounted guitars as wall art
  • Lyrical quotes painted on the walls
  • Vinyl records as balloon wall art

Drum Set Light Fixture

Turn your old drum kit into a lighting fixture!
An impressive display of musical enlightenment. Source: Bored Panda

Can you imagine a DIY chandelier made from a drum kit? Many interior designers certainly can. Because the shape is so comparable to a lampshade and the material is so stylish, older or worn out drums make the perfect vessel for music room decor ideas.

Listen to this:

This relatively easy DIY music decor project is more dependant on rigging the electrical work through the instruments than actual aesthetics. So as long as the lighting is in place and the piece is securely fashioned, you can set this drum chandelier up in whatever manner best suits your home.

Floor Tom End Table

Convert your beat up floor tom into a table
Practical and stylish floor tom table. Source: Amazing Interior Design

For the ultimate in classy music decor for homes that could still function as an instrument, just finish a circular wooden board wider that the floor tom and place it on top. Secure if needed, but a heavy enough piece (that remains level) should take care of itself. In any case, it looks awesome and functions in a variety of ways.

There’s more:

Percussive instruments get a special treatment on this list because they retain high functionality, even when repurposed into other decor items. A drum chandelier can still be transformed back into a set with enough time and care because of the design. As such, a floor top that can be used both as a table and an instrument is extra versatile.

Vintage Music Decor

Vintage mic lighting fixtures
The ever retro look of vintage DIY. Source: etsy

There was always something about the style and aesthetics of the early 1950s that seemed to stick with people, even in the modern era. It was truly a new time of innovation, when people realized they could electrify nearly anything before the invention of the transistor. There’s just something about retro fashion that people still seem to enjoy, even as much as the world has changed.

Music Room Decor Ideas

If you have a jam space, or just a dedicated musical room in your home, this is the type of decor that truly gets appreciated in these types of areas. Musicians will always marvel at cleverly repurposed musical equipment that now serves a new purpose. DIY music wall decor will generally have an appreciative home amongst musicians and instruments.

Trumpet Vase

That old brass instrument can really freshen up the room
Metallic holder for flowers. Source: Homejelly

For a more rustic approach to DIY music decor simply use an older or rusty brass instrument as a vase. Not typically recommended for planter use on account of the dirt involved, dry branches, lavender, or lilacs tend to fare well in this unique pot. It certainly freshens up the home or music room.

Turn a Snare into a Clock

Snare drum clock makes a fine addition to any living room
Anytime is good for interior design. Source: Home Edit

With this music decor for home improvement, all you really need is a clock kit and an old snare drum, complete with skin. Just place the kit in the drum, with the hands protruding from the snare’s head. Design your own numbers around the rim.

Drum Stick Chandelier

The drum stick chandelier looks even better to drummers who have had to replace a lot of sticks
Lighting the way with old musical equipment. Source: ID Lights

Here’s a special favorite for drummers or drumming enthusiasts. Simply adhere drumsticks in a clockwise fashion to a circular top and base and attach a light bulb to it. Nothing easier than that.

The Pièce de Résistance

For the ultimate in musical equipment layouts, the living sheet music wall
An impressive display for any interior wall. Source: HGTV

For the ultimate in cool, consider hanging your guitars (or other musical instruments) as thought they were musical notes around your room. If you have the DIY skills, you can construct a five pronged rack to act as a G clef. Then you can see which of your friends can sight read your own instruments.

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