We all love our mothers, and since you were little, you probably crafted some kind of DIY gift, or maybe a card. Why not continue that tradition? Here are some DIY Mother’s Day cards that are sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face. Plus, they won’t resemble that macaroni necklace you used to make her. Here are some real, professional-looking DIY Mother’s Day cards.

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” - Rudyard Kipling


Hearts and love for mom
Say it with a pop up heart. Source: Creative Pop Up

When it comes to hearts, you have a lot of options. Will you shape the card like a heart? Fill the card with hand-drawn hearts? Make the card a string of hearts? It’s all up to you. The symbol of the heart is one that any mother would love to get from their child. Here are some Mother's Day card designs revolving around hearts.

Quilted Cards

Try a quilted pattern for a more artsy look
Quilted cards aren't that hard. Source: YouTube

A new craze in the DIY community is the quilted card. The idea really is to wrap cloth around a card and effectively sew a quilt into the paper. This is one of the easiest homemade Mother's Day card ideas. And also one that has an intrinsically artistic payoff.

Washi Tape Cards

Washi tape can be used in a number of ways
Using Washi tape in different ways. Source: YouTube

You’d be amazed at what you can do with Washi tape. Simply trace out the designs or words you want to outline with Washi, cut them out, and then adhere them to the card. It’s a truly unique look that is also one of the neater Mother's Day card ideas to make. And with the leftover tape you can do a number of crafty DIY projects.


Say it with flowers this Mother's Day
Express love for your mother with flowery cards. Source: A Piece of Rainbow

Another great entry on the list of Mother's Day card designs is the floral approach. Draw, craft, or paste flowers on a card for a wonderful and symbolic declaration of maternal love. Adorn the inside and outside of a card with flowers for a truly unique piece that your mom can hang up on the mantel. She’ll be sure to remember that one. You can always use felt for some creative flower designs as well.


Maybe your family has a sense of humor
Funny cards for funny moms. Source: High Street

Another great thing that opening a card can convey is a joke! Homemade Mother's Day card ideas can include funny ideas and designs to light up your mother’s face. It doesn’t take much effort, and the effects will last for a memory. Try including some of the following silly quotes for a hilarious Mother’s Day card.

  • Here’s to a great mother and cheap therapist
  • It’s not easy being a mom. If it were, dad would do it.
  • May your “To-Do” list be empty and your wine glass full
  • You’re one of my favorite parents
  • You were right. About everything.
  • I love when you try to text me.
  • Sorry you had to raise my sibling

Handprint Cards

Hand prints can actually be a great way to make a card
An easy and meaningful way to tell your mom you love her. Source: My Web Value

Reminiscent of Mother’s Day cards to make in school, handprint cards can mean an awful lot to your mother, who held you when your hands were as big as your thumbs now. The sentimental value alone could send some mothers into a bout of quiet, happy crying. Bonus points if you match it up to your handprints when you were little.

3D Cards

Another fascinating direction for making Mother's Day cards
New 3D printed cards for mom. Source: Decorationy

Through the use of clever cutting techniques (or just a 3D printer) you can create some really cool DIY Mother’s Day cards. Cut out the designs so that they pop up on the card and make your mother go, “awwww…” While it takes a certain amount of skill to pull off, there are many DIY tutorials online that’ll guide you through it.

Nerdy Cards

She’s your mother, she knows you’re a nerd. Celebrate your nerdiness with a science or sci-fi card so show her how much you mean to her. Nothing says geeky like science humor. Plus, you can probably get these Mother's Day cards handmade easy.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for this Mother’s Day? Any annual traditions you love and want to share? Find even ideas on our Facebook page and share!

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