Can you remember the last time you went to a spa and dreamed of the day you could have all that comfort at home? Well, these five ideas will jumpstart your inspiration so you can have your own dreamy bathroom. Plus, getting a super cozy and awesome bathroom now will give you the perfect space to relax in this winter.

“When I'm home, I like a cozy, comfortable, calming space.” - Stacy Keibler

Marble Bathtub

Marble makes a bathroom look really fancy.
Marble makes a bathroom look really fancy. Image source: Stone Collection

The bathtub is probably the most important part of a relaxing bathroom, so give it some extra attention. Marble looks fancy and elegant, which means it’s perfect for the spa-like bathroom you want to achieve. The best thing about this is that you can keep everything else really simple, because marble tends to garner all the attention!

Patterns Mix

Patterns can match beautifully.
Patterns can match beautifully. Image source: HGTV

If you have a creative mind, a bathroom such as this one would be perfect. With different patterns on the floor, on the wall, and on a small rug, your creativity will be flowing as you relax during the bath.


A huge piece of artwork can be awesome in the bathroom too.
A huge piece of artwork can be awesome in the bathroom too. Image source: decor pad

When you use artwork in a bathroom, you need to pay attention to details so all the details around blend together. There’s no point using a beautiful piece of artwork if the bathroom just ends up feeling cluttered and messy (or, otherwise, if you don’t decorate enough around it, it’ll just look empty and cold). Make sure to choose the right elements including:

  • Rugs
  • Light fixtures
  • Plants and flowers
  • Storage ideas

Neutral Colors

Neutral hues create a soothing ambience.
Neutral hues create a soothing ambience. Image source: Architectural Digest

There’s no doubt that neutral colors make for a gorgeous room. Especially when combined with unique elements such as the mix of different tile patterns going on in this bathroom. Neutral colors are calming to look at and will help you get to that relaxed state.

Do you know who could help you create the perfect bathroom? That’s right, a professional interior designer! In Columbia, MD the average cost of a pro is $5,402 while in South Portland, ME the price is $5,668. Get a more accurate estimate by calling a local service.

Onyx Wall Accent

Whether you use a colorful onyx accent or an all-black one, it looks amazing.
Whether you use a colorful onyx accent or an all-black one, it looks amazing. Image source: HGTV

This onyx wall idea is one of the most unique ideas ever. It’s a way to bring a bit of nature indoors without actually adding plants in your bathroom. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? Of course, you can still add some plants too, no reason why you shouldn’t.

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