With the holiday season approaching so fast, we can’t delay any Christmas decorations, and with so many easy and interesting ideas out there, we can’t always use the same decorations and ornaments as the previous year! So, to shake things up on the most expected holiday of the year here is a list of the most incredible and gorgeous ornaments that you can make yourself and that will transform the look of your Christmas tree!

Vintage Car Snow Globe

Vintage Car Snow Globe - Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments
Source: It All Started With Paint

This incredible snow globe is all you’ll want for your Christmas tree! Doesn’t it look amazing? To make it, you’ll need:

After tying the tree on the roof of the car using baker’s twine, place the piece inside one-half of the plastic ornament, add the faux snow and attach the other half of the ornament, closing it. Add a piece of baker’s twine on the top of the ornament and you’re ready to hang it on the tree!

Scrapbook Paper Ornaments

Scrapbook Paper Ornaments - Easy DIY Ornaments
Source: By Stephanie Lynn

These incredibly gorgeous ornaments can easily be done with leftover scrapbook paper cut in strips and looped together using a piece of wire. Incredibly easy and simple! Check out the detailed instructions over at By Stephanie Lynn!

Old CDs Ornaments

Old CDs Ornaments - Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments
Source: Creme De La Craft

You can create this incredible effect on your old ornaments just by using small pieces of CDs (you can cut using a good pair of scissors) and hot gluing them on the ornament. Yep, it’s that easy! And yet, it’s still gorgeous! You can use last year’s ornaments or get new clear ones, the result is equally fantastic!

Vintage Map Ornament

Vintage Map Ornament - Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments
Source: Chic California

This amazing craft seems difficult, but the detailed instructions by Chic California are really easy to do and you can make it with various different materials, not only maps, but also any bright colored paper you may have, even newspapers can do!

French Macaron Ornaments

French Macaron Ornaments - Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments
Source: Get Creative Juice

These gorgeous macarons ornaments are incredibly beautiful and modern, and they would instantly transform your Christmas tree from normal to unforgettable. Check out the supplies list and detailed instructions over at Creative Juice!

Wire Christmas Tree Ornament

Wire Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: Remodelando La Casa

These small Christmas trees are just the cutest! Made out of decorative wire, small jingle bells and little embellishments, these are just the perfect contrast to the green of the tree and the other normal ornaments. Make it yourself!

Jingle Bells Mini Wreath Ornament

Jingle Bells Mini Wreath - Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments
Source: Satori Design For Living

Isn’t this the coolest and most gorgeous ornament you’ve seen? Adding some of these amazing jingle bell mini wreath ornaments onto your tree will make it much more modern and beautiful! The instructions by Shauna at Satori Design for Living are incredibly easy. Check it out!

DIY Yarn Ball Ornaments

DIY Yarn Ball Ornaments - Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments
Source: All Things Gd

These are probably the most popular ornaments DIY out there, but that is because they are incredibly easy to make and without a doubt, they look amazing. They’re a must for this year’s Christmas tree! Get the instructions!

Paper Towel Stars

Paper Towel Stars - Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments
Source: Blog A La Cart

This is another DIY that is incredibly easy to do. This upcycling project uses paper towel or toilet paper rolls, mod podge, glitter, glue, and a few clothespins as little helpers while the glue dries. It’s so easy and cheap that you just can’t pass it up! Get the step-by-step here!

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells - Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments
Source: The Crafting Chicks

For another fun idea including jingle bells, this easy 4-material DIY is just perfect to take your Christmas tree to the next level. To make them, you’ll need:

  • Large bells;
  • Silver pipe cleaners;
  • Ribbon;
  • Hot glue gun.

And for the detailed instructions, check out Crafting Chicks and their helpful step-by-step pics.

What do you think of our selection? Which ones do you like more and which ones are you making? Let us know in the comment section below and check out our Facebook for more cool ideas!

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