Color speaks volumes. It can change the way we think, feel, and our behavior. When used correctly it can be a powerful weapon. That is why painting is a very important factor in home remodeling. Darker colors have the power to create a serene, calming presence. While, brighter colors tend to exude liveliness and excitement. Whether you are deciding to paint the exterior of your home or an individual room in the house, it is important that you match the color with the tone and function of the room.

Paint your ceilings a different color than your walls to bring attention to the corners and create the illusion that your ceiling is taller than it actually is. This color pattern also has the effect of making the room look bigger as well. A living room with light coloring on the walls and ceilings looks a lot bigger than one with dark colors in the same area. However, darker colors do have the power to bring warmth and comfort to a room. Unlike lighter colors, which tend to give off the vibe of cold and spaciousness.

If you decide to have one color for your walls and ceiling, you have to have color thrown in the room in some other way. Whether it is in the furniture, windows, floor, or accessories, contrasting colors help compliment the mild colors of the wall and ceilings. For the best results, it is best to use complementary colors or ones that are in the same family to draw attention and give the room the “pop” it needs. Examples of complementary pairs are blue and purple or red and purple. You could also add patterns to make monotonous tones more exciting. Patterned or colored furnishings, draperies, or floor coverings can really accent and spice up a one-toned color room. If you do decide to use patterns, make sure that they are subtle yet present. Overpowering, complex, or extremely large patterns can clutter a room and create chaos. Instead, pick small bursts of interest with stripes or floral patterns on the shades or sofa pillows.

One of the most exciting rooms to decorate in the house is the living room. There are so many options and color opportunities to experiment with in the living room because of the furnishings, window coverings, flooring, and accessories. You can pick shiny smooth surfaces for your floor and pair it with a matte tone on your upholstery. Most living rooms want a comfortable cozy vibe to be expressed. However, this goal can be hard to accomplish with larger sized living rooms. In this case, single colored walls and ceilings can help bring the room closer together to create a more intimate feeling. But, this may seem very boring and plain. So, switch up the various textures used on the walls and ceilings. For instance, you can have a flat finish on the ceiling and a glossy touch with differing textures on the walls to bring in variety.

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