With Father’s Day coming up, we’d like to take a moment to remind ourselves and you just how much these wonderful men have done for us throughout our lives. Whether it’s by preparing them a dinner and having a heart-felt talk or going through old family albums, make sure you show your dad a little extra love on Father’s Day. To get you in the spirit, we’d like to share these photos of loving dads and their kids!

"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song." - Pam Brown

Starting a New Day

Starting a new day.
Image source: Least Little Thing

What better start to a day than by enjoying some family time over breakfast? This Father’s Day, surprise your dad with a delicious homemade breakfast.

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Summer Day Happiness

Summer day happiness.
Image source: Facebook

With summer just around the corner, enjoy spending some time with your dad by the beach!

Generations to Go

Generations to go.
Image source: Pinterest

Showing the love throughout the daddy and granddaddy generations! Take the opportunity here to check out these great and loving Father’s Day quotes.

Learn Something New Every Day

Learn something new every day.
Image source: 100 Layer Cake-let

Every day is a great day to teach something to your kids, even if it’s something as simple as where oranges come from.

Super Family

Super family.
Image source: Huff Post

“Dad’s our hero, but we want to be heroes with him!” Children just love the idea of superpowers, and their parents have the greatest of all: love! Make sure dad knows just how much love he gets in return by making a DIY card with these 21 ideas!

Daddy Joy

Daddy joy.
Image source: Baby Center

Each day with their kids is a blessing in a father’s life.

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A Walk With Dad and Granddad

A walk with dad and granddad.
Image source: Pinterest

There’s no one better to help you raise your kids than the one who raised you! Granddad also deserves a little extra love on Father’s Day.

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Back Home

Back home.
Image source: Pinterest

After a long day out working, the loving run of the child to dad’s arms just warms any man’s heart.

Who’s Feeling A Bit Musical?

Who's feeling a bit musical?
Image source: 9gag

Little baby wants some attention, isn’t this picture lovely? Good music brings a good time!

Did Someone Tell A Joke?

Did someone tell a joke?
Image source: Pinterest

What about this family that gathered to take a serious family picture and turned out having this adorable photograph? The most important thing is to have a good time and enjoy spending that time together.

Happy Father’s Day!

Family photo from Mary Starr
Beautiful photo of an adorable moment from homeyou reader Mary Starr.

Each day spent with our families is a blessing in life, and being grateful to that is one of most precious things we can do. There’s a famous saying that goes: “The only thing better than having you for a husband is our children having you for a dad".

We’ve asked our readers to share their photos and the picture chosen to feature in the article was a contribution from a homeyou reader Mary Starr. Dad and son enjoying the simple moments in life, isn’t this just the cutest?! And Mary sure represents the message and her gratitude very well by sharing this photo to make this lovely surprise.

Thank you for sharing this adorable family picture with all homeyou readers! Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

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