use the water element in feng shui to help balance your home and your life

Water is a potent force of nature, and one of the five Feng Shui elements. It takes the gaseous, liquid, and solid (ice) form, and this curious metamorphosis creates an aura of deep mystery. Moreover, water is free in its expression, the uncrowned queen of the natural order and life. If you’ve read the previous, earth edition, you got the taste of what it is like to summon the presence of natural elements to your home. This time, we will show you how to instill a watery sense of tranquility and liberty in it.

A fresh start

Organizing the home in accordance with Feng Shui principles is no walk in the park. The water element is aligned with the patterns of Chi, vital life energy, and can make its flux slow down or speed up. Thus, water is the source of refreshing nourishment, one that can be invited with many different solutions. You should start the journey by looking around and identifying pieces of furniture, architecture and décor that are capable of awakening the water from deep slumber. The best places to focus on when incorporating a water element are North, East and Southeast Bagua areas of the home.

water is an essential element to feng shui
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Ahead of the curve

One of the ways to achieve this unstructured feel is to opt for curvy lines and shapes that mimic the restless essence of waves. Smooth but unpredictable, they inject a sense of playful excitement in any space. When figuring out the type of the element in which the particular object is rooted, the shape always takes precedence. Items with sinuous patterns, such as carpets with flowing design, are darlings of the water. However, other elements can be represented in the same object through colors, texture and other aspects.

incorporating water in your feng shui interior design is a great way to balance your home's energy
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Out of the blue

When it comes to colors that dominate the visual landscape, blue is the undisputed king. Different shades of this color help in adding calmness, and induce an instant shift in energy. Therefore, ponder on painting the feature wall in blue and using appropriate focal points that match it. Note that black is also associated with deep and cold secrets of water and that dark colors enable you to explore these infinite corridors. You can start small, with accent pieces like pillows, throws and rugs.

water is a great element to incorporate into your home's interior design
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A strong silent type

Do not be fooled by the gentle appeal of water, for this element holds great power of destruction. For example, you must make sure that water is not leaking and causing damage around the house, which means that plumbing installations must work like a charm. Next, muse on some water features: a fountain placed near the entry improves the flow of chi as well as your financial prospects. Strive to emphasize the reflective qualities of water with mirrors, and other highly-polished surfaces such as clear glass and crystal.

find balance with your home's chi by incorporating water in your interior design
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Strike a balance

Finally, bear in mind that you need to keep a balance between the five Feng Shui elements. Water nourishes the wood element in your home and needs to be fostered by a metal aspect. At the same time, earth sets the boundaries for watery streams and controls them vigilantly. Water has always been associated with abundance, but do not go overboard: avoid letting aquatic dimension completely take over and make you feel like a fish in troubled waters.

water is an important element of feng shui
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Test the waters

From the deepest chambers of the earth to the divine clouds high above, water is the omnipresent guardian of life, advocate of freedom, and bearer of change. Although it flows and meanders wherever it pleases, you better learn to set some limits to its aspirations. That way, you will be able to reconnect with intriguing life forces and dive into a soothing ocean without having to leave home. Let the ancient wisdom guide you, and create a personal sanctuary that celebrates spiritualism and supports physical well-being. With this decor, you have nothing to lose, only to gain. Give it a go! Namaste.

Derek B. Lotts is a writer and the Editor-in-Chief of Smooth Decorator, a site focused on home improvement and décor. Follow Derek on Twitter for more home design ideas.

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