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How Much Does it Cost to Clean an Oriental Rug in West Palm Beach?

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What type of cleaning do you need?

Oriental rugs are an important part of the household. Whether you purchased yours from a high end store, imported it, bought it online or even if it has been passed down through the generations in your family, you have to take good care of the Oriental rugs by all means possible. Proper Persian rug cleaning in West Palm Beach is important to make sure that the rug will stay in fine shape for a long time, and in the process serve you even better. Primarily there are so many reasons why you need to look for Oriental rug cleaners in West Palm Beach services, including hygiene purposes, for aesthetics or even to get rid of stains and maintain their softness. What matters however, is the need for you to get quality West Palm BeachOriental rug cleaning to help with the task.

Fair price breakdown

After figuring out that you need to have your Oriental rugs cleaned, it is important to look into the next step; the costs involved in cleaning the rug. Different Oriental rug cleaners in West Palm Beach have their own rates for cleaning your Oriental rugs. Since these are not fixed, you need to look into the price determinants so that you can be prepared. In most cases, the most important cost factors for Oriental rug cleaning in West Palm Beach will include things like the square footage and the type of cleaning method to be applied.

Find the Best Costs on Oriental Rug Cleaning - West Palm Beach, 33401

In terms of the square footage, your West Palm Beach Oriental rug cleaning costs will depend on the size of the floor covered by the rug. There are Oriental rug cleaners in West Palm Beach who actually offer you awesome discounts if your room exceeds a certain square footage. For the type of rug, the cost will vary because different rugs vary in the cleaning difficulty. Some of the types of rugs available, in the order of ease of cleanliness include berber, which is the easiest to clean, cut and level loop, and finally cotton and wool which are the toughest to clean, hence more expensive.

Palm Beach County Oriental Rug Cleaning FAQ

There are different methods that Oriental rug cleaning services in West Palm Beach use, depending on the circumstances. Hot water extraction is the most effective one, also referred to as steam cleaning. The reason why it is highly recommended is because of its ability to get rid of the deepest and toughest stains from your rugs gently and safely. In this process, soft hot water is used alongside a special West Palm Beach Persian rug cleaning solution which are then injected into the rug fibers. After that, a powerful suction is used to extract any allergens, cleaning solution, dirt, and up to 95% of the moisture from the rug.

Some light vacuuming is okay, but it is not mandatory. In fact, the cleaners will vacuum the area that needs to be cleaned before they proceed. Besides, in the course of the cleaning process, the section will still be vacuumed.

The duration of time spent in cleaning your Oriental rugs will vary depending on different factors. On average, Persian rug cleaning in West Palm Beach for a rug that is up to 300 square feet should take up to 20 minutes. This is pretty much the size of a garage that can hold two cars. Other factors that might impede on the cleaning time include the size and amount of furniture that needs to be moved, the amount of stains on the rug, and sometimes, any special considerations for the rug.

This is another issue that is determined by a lot of factors, but the most important are the level of humidity, the flow of air over the cleaned area and the temperature. Most rugs however take between 8 and 24 hours to dry out completely.

Last Updated: Nov 5, 2020

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