On top of providing a gorgeous, property value increasing place to relax on a hot summer day and entertain on a warm summer night, swimming pool installations allow for some of the most exciting customizations possible with modern home remodeling! These beautiful property features can serve as anything from a basic place to relax and cool down to an enormous oasis from the stress of the world if they’re installed by experienced authorities on swimming pool installations!

That said, between the perception that swimming pools are a purely luxury feature and the high cost of certain features, many homeowners reject the idea of swimming pool installations before considering the many benefits which this feature could provide and the highly personalized nature those benefits take on. When designing your home’s stunning new swimming pool everything should be brought into consideration from your personal finances and likelihood of usage to your family’s design preferences and unique lifestyle. Once you’ve done this, you’re sure to be surprised by just how many different options are available to homeowners having a swimming pool installed. To begin imagining what your home could gain from a customized pool installation consider some of these popular swimming pool design ideas for your home this year!

Summer Central

Swimming pools and summer go together like waffle cones and ice cream.
Make your home the go-to place for summer fun with a swimming pool!

Your home can quickly become the summer entertainment destination for your family and friends with an open, inviting swimming pool design. Using affordable patio furniture and easy-care potted plants any homeowner can design their own summer haven!

Spotlight on Specialization

Swimming pools are great additions to any home.
Showcase your swimming pool with custom outdoor lighting.

An easy and effective way to increase the value of your home’s new swimming pool, no matter how costly or budget-friendly its installation was, is to have high quality lighting design installed around and alongside the pool to give it a showcase all year. Speak to trained lighting designers to determine the bold and bright or minimalist and elegant lighting design that best shows off your pool!

Expand your Living Space

Along with swimming pool installation, expanding your outdoor living space is a great way to increase resale value.
Get the most out of your outdoor space by expanding the living space up to the swimming pool.

More and more homeowners are learning to maximize what they do with the space they have and the backyard is no exception! A growing trend is appearing alongside swimming pool installations which focuses on bringing the comfort and functionality of the home poolside. Consider exploring outdoor kitchen additions, wet bar installation, or sunroom additions to get the most from your space.

Year-Round Exercise and Relaxation

Swimming pools offer fun exercise and endless relaxation.
Indoor swimming pools offer endless exercise and relaxation opportunities.

A surprising trend to many, indoor swimming pools are growing in popularity all over the country for their year-round usability. For many homeowners having an indoor pool installed rids them of seasonal concerns though it does provide its own unique service requirements. That said, indoor swimming pool installations are sure to be a desired feature for homeowners in the years to come!

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