Apart from all the amazing life experiences couples get to enjoy, one of the super cool things about sharing a life with someone is that you get to create your own piece of heaven in your home and customize it until it feels just right for both of you.

Nowadays homeowners are beginning to understand that what’s functional doesn’t necessarily have to be plain or ugly; with the prejudice of ugly functionality gone, all kinds of interior designs have flourished and we feel like we haven’t seen the last of it!

We are giving you some of our favorite contemporary ideas and solutions that will turn your bathroom from plain to breathtaking. Enjoy!

Bathroom ideas

Channel your inner French diva


Unlike the French option, this one is keeping it pretty gender-neutral yet at the same time oozing incredible levels of chic, style and beauty. Apart from that, the solutions we’ve picked are incredibly functional, as there are plenty of little spaces to leave your towels, bathroom essentials, makeup, cosmetics and virtually anything you feel belongs in a bathroom.

Modern it up!


Simple, chic and absolutely gorgeous! The type of quotes you frame or photos/pictures you hang is absolutely your choice but we’d always suggest going with something neutral, like in the photos above. That way you are avoiding turning your bathroom into a gallery but still keeping it chic and artsy. Look for the colors of art to fit in with the rest of the bathroom’s design.

Cute and unusual shelves and hangers

Country Living

There are plenty of ways to add some glam to your bathroom, one of them is definitely accessorize. If combined right, accessories can really make a space. Using jars for makeup brushes, knitted baskets for storage, cute “his” and “hers” hangers are just some of the ways you can glitz your bathroom up.

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