The holiday season is right around the corner and for many homeowners around the country that means dusting off the snowblower, gathering around the fireplace, and decorating the house to make sure that all of your neighbors are jealous. The one downside you may not have planned for is the increased electricity bills that all those strings of lights can result in. If you’re interested in welcoming in the holiday season without giving too big of a gift to your electric company be sure to remember these simple tips from the pros on how to keep your holiday light display as energy efficient as possible this year.

Energy Efficient Strings of Lights

The lights you've decked your halls with for years and years now probably aren't as bright, safe, or energy efficient as they could be. With new LED holiday lights you can receive much more efficient energy usage with brighter light! In fact, if you specifically shop for them you can find Energy Star rated LED light strings which are warrantied to last longer, use about half the energy of old incandescent holiday lights, and may make you eligible for local rebates and tax deductions. Additionally LED holiday lights are specially designed to be cooler to the touch than incandescent light bulbs reducing the risk of both fires and costly energy surges at overworked electrical panels. If that wasn’t enough take a quick look at this comparison from NSTAR to see just how much energy efficient holiday lights can save you each month on your electricity bills.

Automatic Timer Installation

Leaving your home’s holiday lights on all through the night can have a huge impact on your electricity bill but it can be a hassle to safely disconnect your elaborate holiday decorations every evening only to have to reconnect it all again the following day. By purchasing a basic programmable timer you can simplify and save, knowing that your holiday decorations will automatically shut off when they’re programmed to. This becomes especially worthwhile if you still haven’t upgraded to LED light displays as it prevents your incandescent lights from burning all night and risking overheating and causing serious damage to your electrical system or roofing.

Fewer Lights, More Shine

If you’re interested in saving the most energy possible with your holiday display this year consider your interior lighting design choices! You can augment a beautiful light display with reflective materials like tinsel and ornaments which will shine bright enough next to your lights to make the entire display seem more elaborate and more festive. Getting creative with your holiday decorations is an excellent way to ring in the season without letting expensive bills grow out of control.

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