I’m sure you’re eager to see your baby crawling and walking around the house, discovering things by themselves. But is your house ready for a baby on the move? It may not seem like a big deal, but once you have a crawling baby, every little thing becomes a potential hazard. Here’s how to get ready for a safe life with a baby-proof home!

“Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day.” - Taylor Hanson

TVs and Furniture

Use protection for sharp furniture edges.
Use protection for sharp furniture edges. Image source: Jesse Leona

All types of heavy objects - which mainly include TVs and furniture - are potential harm for babies. Not only because they’re heavy, but also because of sharp edges. So, put edge bumpers on those sharp edges and use furniture straps to hold everything into place, including:

  • TVs
  • Bookshelves
  • Dressers
  • Wardrobes

Electrical Hazard

Cover all outlets in the house.
Cover all outlets in the house. Image source: Motoring Essentials

Besides, TVs and other electrical appliances like your computer can be an electrical hazard for the little ones. Using cord holders is the best way to keep those little hands from taking them and putting right into their mouths.

More than that,

Outlets need to be covered to prevent the baby from touching. You can also place furniture in front of outlets for extra safety.

The Toilet

Use command hooks to prevent the toilet lid from being open.
Use command hooks to prevent the toilet lid from being open. Image source: The Baby Lodge

If you leave the toilet lid unprotected, the baby can end up lifting it up and playing with the toilet water (or falling inside). To prevent any accidents and diseases, install a lid lock and always put the toilet lid down!

Medicine Cabinets

There are medicine childproof containers for you to store your medicine, but that’s not enough. You also need to store all medicine in high cabinets, preferentially cabinets that can be locked.

More tips for you are:

  • Don’t take medicine in front of your baby
  • Never call medicine “candy”

Household Cleaners

Keep cabinets locked for precaution.
Keep cabinets locked for precaution. Image Source: Baby Center

Household cleaners contain chemicals that will harm the baby, so remember to keep cleaners out of reach. Store them in cabinets that can be locked or install safety latches that only an adult is able to open. But really, the best thing you can do is store this kind of item in higher places.

The Tub

Never leave t toddler alone in the bathroom.
Never leave a toddler alone in the bathroom. Image source: Cleveland Clinic

For a fun and safe bath time, you’ll need to install no-slip strips on your bathtub, as well as a soft cover on the faucet (you know, to prevent head bumps). Even more than that, remember to adjust your water heater so the water is never ever hotter than 120 degrees!

Blinds and Curtains

First of all, the crib should never be near window blinds or drapes. Babies may have small hands, but they’re real grabbers. With the addition of the dangling cords that could be a choking risk, you do not want to keep the kid near the windows!

You can either tie all cords high out of reach or cut the ends replacing them for safety tassels.

Baby Gates

Baby gates are simple and won't get in the way of your decor.
Baby gates are simple and won’t get in the way of your decor. Image source: Instagram

Baby gates are great for two occasions:

  1. Prevent toddlers from using the stairs.
  2. Lock rooms you haven’t baby-proofed.

Look for gates that securely attach to the wall and that won’t trap the baby’s hands or head - yeah, some gates are not that well-designed! Be careful when purchasing yours, maybe an online mom forum can help you make your choice.

Child Proof Screens

A window guard is guaranteed protection.
A window guard is guaranteed protection. Image source: The Family Handyman

One of the most important things to do if you live in an apartment is to use childproof screens! You can also rely on window guards, just never think a simple window screen will do because those are meant to keep insects out, not your children in.


If you live in a house, you may also want to install screens, especially if the windows are far from the ground. It’s always better to be safe!

Unplug Appliances

Unplug electrical appliances for extra safety.
Unplug electrical appliances for extra safety. Image source: Firstcry Parenting

Most of us are used to plugging things in and never taking them off. Whether it’s the coffee maker or the TV, it’s just so much more convenient to keep them plugged all the time, right?

Just remember:

Now you have a baby in the house and they don’t understand the dangers of pulling, biting, and tangling in those cords. So make sure to unplug your appliances and keep the cords out of reach!

Want some help babyproofing your house and installing the screens and gate? Then get a quote from a trusty handyman!

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