The idea of spending the night around a campfire with your family or close friends is always exciting, especially now that Fall is here. It's like bringing that good feeling of going to camp without even having to leave your backyard. 

But there is no doubt that not many people have the skills to build campfires that will last all night. They often work so hard to keep the embers going even for an hour or so. 

If you want to know how to build a campfire that will keep you warm and soothed all night, this guide is for you! 

Stack Wood in a Pyramid Shape 

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The key to making sure your backyard campfire lasts for hours and hours is to ensure the wood burns slowly while offering the much-needed flame to keep you warm. 

This is where the idea of stacking the wood in a pyramid way makes sense. This way, there will be proper air circulation within the firm for it to produce a decent flame. But the wood will also not burn that fast. Place each layer perpendicular to the next, with the biggest/thickest logs at the bottom. 

Keep Spacing Between Wood Minimal 

Fire of course needs oxygen and proper ventilation to burn without choking smoke. But you don't want to give it too much oxygen otherwise the wood will burn faster than required. 

This is why you need to make sure that the spaces between the wood are as minimal as possible. This will provide just enough oxygen for the wood to burn freely without transforming a smooth flame into an inferno.

Ensure Large Logs Are at the Bottom

As you start to create your pyramid-shaped fire, always make sure that the large, thicker wood pallets are at the bottom. Find the thickest and the largest wood plates available and stack them all below the fireplace. At the top, ensure the wood is lighter and smaller. 

You may also want to place some tinder on top since the fire will be lit from the top. Now, this sounds a bit odd. But there is no need to heat the wood from below. 

Besides, a flame from the top of the pyramid will be burning slowly and by the time it gets to the thicker wooden pallets below, there will still be enough fuel to keep the Backyard campfire going for longer.

Place Rocks Around the Fire 

It is also important to protect the rock from the gasp of wind. This can make it easier for the wood to burn faster than it should. 

A good rule would be to put rocks around the fire and surround it. This will not keep all the wind out of course. But it will help slow down the flame so that it burns for as long as possible. 

Besides, aesthetics matter when you are building a backyard fire pit. Placing those rocks around is a great way to make sure the backyard firepit construction looks perfect.

Pick Quality Wood 

The choice of fuel matters a lot. Wood burns at different speeds depending on the type and the quality. Also, the type and quality of wood may determine the kind of fire you end up with. 

If you want a clearer flame with no smoke or ordos, always pick thick hardwood that has been dried over some time. This will not be cheap but at least you will get the best fire. Also, hardwood does not burn fast. You can use a single palette for hours.

Don’t Disturb It Too Much

Once the fire is set up and the wood is in place, light it up and let it be. There is no need to keep adjusting anything there. 

Just let the flame do its job and before you know it, you will have a steady burning flame with excellent soothing effects. If you have to add additional wood, do it in an organized way and always follow the pyramid approach.

If you like the idea of having a backyard campfire, consider building a proper firepit. Construction is simple and can be done in any type of space. 


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