Bedrooms are getting smaller and smaller, especially in big cities. The lack of space can get frustrating, but the good news is that simple decorating tips can help us make our bedrooms not only look bigger, but can also give us actual space so that we don’t need to roll out of bed and end up in the living room.

Light Colors

Use light paint colors in your small bedroom to make it seem bigger.
Lighter paint colors can help make a small bedroom seem bigger. Via Dwell

Dark colors can make your bedroom look even smaller. So, go for lighter colors when painting the walls and ceiling, which will make your room look more spacious and ventilated.


Mirrors help reflect light and an help your small bedroom appear much bigger.
Mirrors are unique because they can actually make your small bedroom look bigger. Via Home Designing

Mirrors are more than simply a piece of decoration; they have the unique function of being able to make rooms and environments look bigger.

Bed Drawers

Having drawers under your bed is a great way to add storage space to a small bedroom.
Having drawers under your bed is a great way to easily add storage space to a small bedroom. Via House and Hold

Bed drawers are a good option for small environments. Some bed frames come with drawers, but you can also put your mattress on pre-built platform with drawers.


Shelves help keep clutter off of floors and dressers.
Having shelves helps you keep your small bedroom organized. Via Home Design Ideas

Walls can be are great allies when we are talking about space. Shelves collaborate with the organization and give you extra room for your books and décor items you can’t live without.

Objects and bedding

Add color to your small bedroom by furnishing it with colorful rugs, chairs, and other objects.
Use chairs, rugs, and other objects to add color to your small bedroom. Via Dwell

You can add color to light environments through rugs, bedding, pillows, a colorful chair or ottoman, and frames. All with no exaggeration. If you get tired of the look, just change the objects and fabrics. The appearance changes without you spending too much.


Hanging your bedroom TV on a wall can free up floor and dresser space.
Free up space on your dresser by hanging your TV on a wall. Via Home Designing

Placing the TV on the wall is an option to take up less space on furniture. However, it is is important to think where to put the DVD player, the video game console, etc., so that your small bedroom doesn’t become a constant mess.

Picture frames

Show off your favorite art in your small bedroom by hanging frames on the walls instead of lining them up on your dresser or nightstand.
Free up furniture space by hanging art and photos on the wall. Via Decor Pad

Frames can enhance the decor, rekindle memories, or serve as means for you to show your art. You can invest in frames of different designs, or have them all in one shape and size. It’s up to your own style. They can be either hung on the wall or put in shelves.

Make Room for Movement

The most important idea when it comes to decorating a small bedroom is to leave enough room for you to actually move around.
Less is more when it comes to small bedrooms. Via 1Decor

Too much furniture can disrupt circulation, especially in small rooms. Architects recommend leaving at least 25 inches on the sides of the beds and in front of the cabinets. In single rooms, the bed can touch the wall, because they end up gaining space for circulation. Of course it doesn’t work with double beds, since the person who sleeps next to the wall would have trouble getting up.

These are just a few tips to help you make the most of your small bedroom. So keep in mind the details and the clever way the space was taken advantage of in the rooms we have selected to show you. They are modern, warm, creative, and not so uncommon. There are always ideas for all tastes and demands that you can come up with yourself. It is worth studying each environment so you can find solutions to adapt to your own room. Stay alert for other important aspects that can make a difference: the use of natural light, customized furniture, creative storage space, and don’t forget the golden rule: when it comes to small rooms, less is always more.

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