Whether you have a fireplace that doesn’t work or you have a blank wall you want to dress up, you can create a faux fireplace that will be sure to bring warmth and coziness to your home this Valentine’s Day. Using fairy lights, chalkboard paint, or candles, you can create a focal point for your romantic evening.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are becoming increasingly popular for many different types of decorations. This Valentine’s Day, use them to create a stunning faux fireplace. Using hurricane jars, mason jars, or simple vases, you can create a gorgeous focal point in your living room or bedroom to create a cozy, romantic atmosphere your special someone will be sure to love.

Airy light fairy lights for a fireplace mantel
Fairy lights Festive Lights

Fairy lights can also be used with fireplace logs to create a safer alternative to lighting a fire. You can either stack the logs in your fireplace or put them in a basket and then use fairy lights to create a soft, fiery glow around the wood. You’ll be able to enjoy a warming faux fireplace without having to worry about a real fire.

Chalkboard Fireplace

Chalk it up to a DIY fireplace where you'll never have to worry about fire
Chalkboard fireplace Pinterest

When you don’t have any type of fireplace to work with, make your own. You can either use a piece of plywood or a section of a wall and use chalkboard paint to create a rectangle. Then use chalk to draw a faux fireplace complete with logs and flames. If you’re feeling really artistic, you can use different colored chalk to give your chalkboard fireplace more color and depth.

DIY fireplace without the heat
Pretty lighting Pinterest

For an added warming effect, use fairy lights or marquee lights with your chalkboard faux fireplace. You’ll have the creativity of chalkboard with the coziness of the lights. This faux fireplace will be sure to wow your loved one.


Well lit candles in the living room
Candle mantel Room for Tuesday

Candles are extremely romantic and work wonderfully as a substitute for wooden logs. Simply gather candles of varying sizes and shapes and arrange them in your fireplace to create visual interest. Then simply light them and let them bask your living room in a warm, romantic glow.

Fancy candle screen to really lighten up the love life
Tea candle screen Home My Design

If you don’t have the patience or eye for design to create your own faux fireplace with pillar candles, you can pick up a tea light candle screen to put in front of your fireplace. That way all you have to do is put the tea lights in the slots and light them. It’s safe, can be used as a design focal point all year round, and still gives your room that cozy, warmth that only a little fire can.

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