Valentine’s Day may not be known for its decorations like some other holidays, but it’s still fun to bring your own personal touch to the occasion. Making your own DIY Valentine’s Day decorations will bring a warmth and coziness to your home that will make the holiday even more enjoyable. Here are five of the easiest and most romantic DIY Valentine’s Day decorations you can make to warm up your home.

Love Letters

V-day decor on a fireplace mantle
Mantle decor Craving Some Creativity

This cute and romantic DIY Valentine’s Day decoration takes only fifteen minutes to make since the paper flowers were purchased pre-made. If you love making paper flowers, you can certainly make your own, but buying pre-made paper flowers will save you quite a bit of time. This decoration would look wonderful atop your fireplace mantel over a romantic, cozy fire.

Romantic Tablescape

Holiday decor specifically for your valentine
Dining room table decor Delish

Planning a romantic dinner for two? Don’t forget to dress up your Valentine’s Day table! Papier-mâché letters, red pistachios, and pink carnations create a festive and romantic tablescape that will wow your loved one. Don’t forget to use a handmade valentine as a napkin holder for an added romantic effect. Don’t forget the chocolate!

Valentine’s Day Coasters

Home decor in the form of little coasters
V-day coasters View from the Fridge

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about you and your loved one. Whether you’re single or simply want to have a fun, friendly Valentine’s Day, you can always throw a party! These cute and adorable DIY Valentine’s Day coasters are sure to be a big hit with your guests and they’ll help save your furniture from spills and condensation.

Button Burlap Heart

Make art, not war, then love
Burlap heart and candy Uncommon Designs

For a simple way to show you love your other half, make this creative piece of art. Made from a canvas, burlap, and red buttons, this quick and easy DIY Valentine’s Day gift will be sure to please him or her. Best of all, this piece of art can be displayed on your wall all year round!

Valentine’s Day Banner

Home interior art for the Holiday
Wall art DIY Network

Banners are fun and easy ways to add a little holiday spirit to your home. This free Valentine’s Day banner printable is a great way to make your own decorations without spending a lot of time on them. Hang this banner up on your mantel or staircase for an extra little Valentine’s Day flair.

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