Pet friendly climbing boards around the house
Cat shelves Haus Panther

Since National Cat Day is October 28th and Halloween is October 31st, it’s the perfect time to celebrate your feline friends. All cat owners know that cats love to hide, climb, scratch, and observe, so why not make your home the perfect place for your cat to do all those things? Take a look at some of these amazing ways you can make your home more cat-friendly.

One Man’s Cat-topia

Housewide cat obstacle course to keep them entertained
Crazy cat lovers Koit

Peter Cohen, a builder in California, bought a house in 1988 and inherited two outdoor cats with it. After one of the cats was killed and another injured, Cohen adopted a kitten to keep the injured cat company. Then he adopted another one. And another one. He now has 14 cats living in his house. He began to remodel his home and design it for both humans and cats to enjoy. Boasting ventilated litter boxes, 150 feet of catwalks, tunnels, spiral staircases, and perches, this home is the ultimate harmony of cat and human living space. This home is colorful, unique, and architecturally stunning. Fortunately, you probably won’t need to completely remodel your home unless you have 14 cats all living in the same space as you, as well.

DIY Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Exterior fence options to make your cat happy
Fencing design Cuckoo4Design

Cats love to play outside, but it can certainly be dangerous for them, especially if they’re mostly indoor cats. If you ever feel guilty about not letting your cat out, consider installing an DIY outdoor cat enclosure. Your cats will love having a safe place to explore the great outdoors and bask in the sun. And you’ll get some time to finally vacuum all the cat hair in your home while your cats are outside.

Sleek and Chic Cat-Friendly Home

Base boards along interior walls that your cats will love
Cats and ladders Domain

If Peter Cohen’s bold and bright cat-friendly home isn’t your style, perhaps you’d enjoy this feline home by Asahi Kasei. There are climbing steps, cat hidey-hole nooks, open air catwalks, and expertly designed litter box placement. With a clean, neutral color scheme, this home is perfect for the chic cat lover.

For the Nerdy Cat Owner

For all the cat loving nerds out there
Dr. Mrew? Caterville

If you love cats and Doctor Who, we have the perfect DIY project for you. Convert your cats into Whovians with this amazing DIY TARDIS cat playhouse. You’ll love watching your cats play in the TARDIS and pretending they’re feline regenerations of your favorite Doctor.

Catwalk Bookshelves

Interior design with your cats in mind
Shelving for books or cats Haus Panther

For a sleek, subtle, and modern look, try these catwalk bookshelves in your home. It’s a superb example of how integrating both cats needs and human needs into one space can work so harmoniously. You get to store your favorite books and DVDs while your cat has a great spot to climb, perch, and observe. Of course, if you want to have any expensive vases or decorations, you might want to invest in some Museum Putty to keep your cat from “accidentally” knocking something off the shelves.

Cats and Halloween Just Go Together

Cat friendly homes anyone can love
Cat-o-ween Catsplay

With National Cat Day so close to Halloween, no cat-friendly home article would be complete without a little Halloween twist. Enter the Halloween Cat Perch. While this festive cat perch is a little on the extravagant side, you and your cat will love this Halloween treat.

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