Whether you’re rooting for the Panthers, the Broncos, or the commercials this year there’s plenty to be excited about this Super Bowl Sunday and with just a little over a week left until the first kickoff, it’s crunch time for planning your Super Bowl party. Fortunately, with just a bit of guidance, there’s still plenty of time to make your home’s Super Bowl party the biggest hit of the season (except for all the hits Peyton’s going to take when his O-line falls apart). That’s why we’ve tracked down some of the coolest Super Bowl party ideas in the world. Use this simple guide when you’re planning your party and your guests are sure to have an amazing time on the seventh!

Making a TV Touchdown

A good TV is essential for your Super Bowl party. Source: TechRadar

Food, drink, and a comfortable home are all important elements in throwing a great Super Bowl party but easily the most important part of the event is your home theater system. Your friends and family are going to want to see and hear everything in the highest definition and with the highest clarity so that they can take in every second of the action. If your current TV set-up is a bit less than amazing, then there’s no better time than now to upgrade. For the ultimate in Super Bowl screenings we recommend Samsung’s brand new 4K SUHD series. Available in a series of sizes that range from big to ridiculous with more features than we can list, these are sure to be the TVs for Super Bowl 50.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

There are tons of Super Bowl party recipes you can try. Source: Pinterest

The food and drinks you lay out for your guests are a close second when it comes to Super Bowl party priorities. As you’re getting your kitchen ready to cook for the big day, however, focus on quantity and variety in your dishes rather than taking the fastidious route you reserve for Thanksgiving. Plenty of small, easy to make recipes like nachos, sliders, wings, chips, and chili are the perfect fare for your Super Bowl festivities and can be thrown together quickly and easily before the coin flip to make sure that you’re not missing out on the fun once the game starts. (Bonus points, however, if you serve all your food in a giant food stadium set up.) Additionally, make sure that your bar is well stocked with a variety of beer, spirits, mixers, and sodas to provide your guests with as many options as possible. Use disposable plates and cups to display your team’s colors, cut down on your eventual cleanup, and protect your glassware from damage when your friend from college has one too many and upends the table.

Alternate Entertainment

Provide alternate entertainment to keep your guests happy. Source: Pinterest

There’s almost always going to be a few guests that aren’t exactly glued to the screen and while they’re happy to enjoy the party their interest may fade before the season comes to a close. For these guests (and everyone else, in fact) it’s a great idea to have some activities and entertainment available which aren’t based around what’s on the screen. Party stand-bys like beer pong and card games are sure to be a welcome addition for anyone who wanders away from the couch throughout the night. Just make sure that they’re close enough to the living room to include these guests in the action when they want it, but far enough away that their noise doesn’t drown out the game.

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