There are a few things that you can do with an avocado pit. You can try to plant it, throw it away, or if you’re Jan Campbell, avocados are the perfect medium to explore your creative side within. For Jan, carving a little friend in an avocado pit is a religious experience. And moreover, the fancy designs make for great artwork. Take a look at some of Jan’s work below.

Old Man and the Mountain

Keep a little friend in your pocket for good luck
Keep a good luck charm in your pocket. Source: Inspiration Hut

Inside the avocado pit is an old man with a beard as long as he is wise. WIth his eyes closed in blissful meditation, he concentrates on what zen is and how to get to nirvana. Keep him in your pocket for a bit of peace in an otherwise chaotic day. You can find this avocado stone carving for sale on etsy. Other designs that Jan specializes in are:

  • Totems
  • Tree folk
  • Bearded men
  • Harpests
  • Golems
  • Forest guardians
  • Freckled faces
  • Wood friends

Jan Campbell Avocado Pit Art

Sleeping woodland friends
Think of the amount of time it took to carve that face. Source: Imgur

There’s a lot that can be done with avocado seed crafts. So have a bearded friend in your pocket for good luck. This handmade carving expresses Jan’s fascination with nature. She said it best herself:

“The avocado stone accompanied me for a week or two until I took it out one day and saw that the surface had been scratched, perhaps by my keys. I was intrigued by what I saw - a deep orange pigment had filled the scratch. I felt overwhelmingly compelled to explore further. Maybe my reassuring pocket pet was actually inside the stone, waiting patiently for me to dig him out. I gathered a random assortment of craft tools and set to work, carving the surface very slowly and carefully, studying the effect of every action I took on the stone.”

Jan Campbell + Instagram

All the little faces... where do they all come from? Jan Campbell, that's where.
Many different forest symbols and creatures. Source: Blaze Press

Lots of shapes and designs can take shape with avocado pit carving art. From tribal figurines to baseball gloves, there’s no wrong way to carve out an avocado pit. They all make their way to Jan Campbell’s instagram page.


A magical good luck charm made from an avocado core
Weird magics are stored within pendants. Source: Avocado Faces

Having a good luck charm can prove beneficial to many people. If you’re the type to go on nature walks and spend time in the woods, why not carry a piece of nature around with you? Additionally you can look around to figure out a solid avocado pit carving tutorial. Make your own DIY nature totem with the power of the internet.

Avocado Canvas Art

Look at the artwork carved into this natural canvas.
Art can be painted on any canvas. Source: Glaycom

Last but not least, it’s possible to create artwork out of the avocado itself. You can take after artist Daniele Barresi and mold the fruit into a unique and floral masterpiece. Dan finds that working with the flesh is far more malleable. If you get really good you can make this one of your avocado seed crafts. Just be sure to clean up the shavings.

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