Your air conditioner is crucial during the hot days of summer. The system is also quite expensive to run and can cause your power bills to double or even triple. With more people working from home and children studying on their computers, many homeowners are spending much more to run their AC systems compared to previous years. 

If that high cost causes you to suffer in the heat to save money, check out 10 ways to save on your AC costs! 

“Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always." – Hippocrates

Add Shade

An easy way to avoid expensive AC maintenance costs and high energy bills is the addition of shade trees in your yard. You want to add trees with large branches that cover the top of an outdoor AC unit, which keeps the unit cool and stops it from overheating. 

Trees can also block sunlight from getting inside, keeping your home cooler in warmer months. 

Choose a Smart Thermostat

Before you turn to Google to search for “air conditioning repair near me, consider adding a smart thermostat to your home. It usually features an app that works on a mobile device such as your phone. It lets you shut off the AC while you're out of the house and get your home to a comfortable temperature before you get back at the end of the day. 

Some models also keep track of the temperature outside and automatically turn on or off when needed. 

Use Blackout Curtains

You run your air conditioner because your home feels hot and uncomfortable. With blackout curtains, you can significantly reduce the temperature in your home. 

These curtains come in a range of colors and patterns to match any room and different sizes to fit all types of windows. They also have a dark lining that blocks the sun's rays. With less heating reaching your home, it feels cooler and helps you avoid running your AC on max settings.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Another way to cut back on power bills is when you adjust the thermostat. Try changing the temperature by a few degrees at a time. You will find that you'll eventually feel comfortable at a higher temp than you did before and save on your AC bills.

Run Fans

Whether you live in the middle of a tropical climate or a region that only has a few months of high temperatures, running fans can keep your home cool and keep your family away from the thermostat. 

A window fan can remove humidity and force warm air outside or push cool air inside and keep it circulating around you. Ceiling fans are just as useful and are available at low enough prices that you can use one in each room.

Spend Time Downstairs

Heat rises, which is why the rooms on your upper floors feel warmer than those downstairs do. Even the best AC units require a lot of power to keep every room at the same temperature. If you spend more time downstairs, you can keep the temperature in those rooms at a comfortable level and take pressure off your system.

Keep Your Filter Clean

One of the more common reasons why you might need air conditioner repairs is that you neglected the AC filter. The filter does a good job of catching the particles that would otherwise get inside and ensures that the system runs smoothly. 

You should always check the filter at the beginning of the season before you turn on your AC for the year and then once a month.

Look for Leaks

Standard HVAC and central air systems can develop leaks for a variety of reasons. When you check the unit, look for standing areas of water and liquid leaking from the system. While a small amount of water is normal, large amounts can be a sign of a problem. 

HVAC maintenance professionals can easily inspect your HVAC system and determine the cause of the leaks. They can fix the problem for you and ensure that the system is ready for the rest of the season.

Opt for Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the best way to save on air conditioning costs. Even the smallest of repairs can take more money than you estimated and leave you without AC for days until the part arrives. 

Home AC repair companies provide routine maintenance whenever you need it and can alert you to possible problems before you need expensive repairs.

Avoid the Kitchen

Avoiding your kitchen can keep your AC costs down. Every time that you use the stove or oven, you'll notice that the temperature rises and your AC unit has to jump into overdrive. Foods that require no cooking such as salads and cold soups are delicious and do not cause temperature changes. You can also look for recipes that let you use the microwave.

Investing in an energy-efficient model can save you tons of money in the long run. Contact a local HVAC company and request a free quote for installation! 


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