The Guardian reports that living rooms are making a comeback, but if you’re still thinking of it as "the room with the TV" or "where the couch is," you’re definitely missing out. There are a few key pieces in any living room, and the rest is left up to individual needs and style choices, which leaves plenty of room for customization and some really awesome, super innovative features. From new technology to a full living room remodel, here are some things to think about for a season full of entertaining:

Home Theater

Intimate downstairs living room display
Home theater Digital Trends

No living room is complete with a way to watch Monday Night Football and your favorite holiday movies, but why limit yourself to just a TV? Home theaters are constantly improving with technology advances, and investing in a quality, custom system is more than worth the cost.

Home theater installation down in any interior basement
Entertainment area Paradyme

Home theaters come in every shape and size, from installing a couple extra speakers to going all out. A professional can help you figure out where to place the speakers for optimal surround sound and get you set-up in time for Game Day.

Living Room Bar

Bar like setting for a living room
Living room bar Frank and Pauly's

Why walk all the way back to the kitchen for a drink when you’re likely to miss the best part of the movie? With a bar extension in the living room, you won’t have to wait for a commercial to dash in and out.

Shelving units for a living room bar
Bar shelves Pinterest

A bar extension can also offer additional seating for guests during the holiday party, along with an adult area for conversation and keeping an eye on the kids while they watch TV. Don’t be afraid to use behind or below the bar for extra storage, too - using built-in cabinets can help store all those bulky board games out of sight.


Lovesac is a little old place where we can get together
Lovesac, that's where it's at

Couches aren’t the boring and ugly seats you cover with plastic anymore. With brands like Lovesac, which offers reconfigurable living room furniture, you can adjust your seating based on your needs and create some super cool areas for hanging out!

Ornate, regal couch options for a home
Custom couch AliExpress

There are so many options these days for furniture, don’t be afraid to go big with something to suits your style. From super fancy to unique and modern, make your friends jealous with the coolest couch in any living room around!


Classy warm fireplace mantle in the living room
Living room fireplace HGTV

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, definitely show it off. Much more than a source of heat these days, fireplaces can make a bold statement while also bringing families together to toast marshmallows or just enjoy the flickering flames on a cold day.

Cozy, romantic fireplace mantle
Cozy up by the fireplace Flickr

As romantic as a fire can be, it’s less romantic if it becomes dangerous. Make sure you keep up with maintenance and know your fireplace safety so you and your loved ones stay safe while you enjoy the winter weather from the comfy indoors!

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