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How Much Does it Cost to Restore Furniture in Grand Island?

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Most home and business owners take time to carefully plan and purchase elegant and classy furniture that will fit in well with the rest of the décor in their house or office. However, after sometime, the furniture will most likely break down or lose its original shine and beauty. This is normal due to the wear and tear that the furniture undergoes due to frequent use, especially in high traffic areas, such as furniture that is used in lobbies or in restaurants and other public places. When this happens, instead of getting rid of the old furniture and replacing it with new ones, take advantage of furniture restoration in Grand Island to get your furniture back to pristine condition. Under this process, your furniture will be cleaned and repaired to preserve its functionality and to restore its original shine and look. Therefore, you will be able to give a whole new style to your furniture without necessarily spending a fortune.

Fair price breakdown

The cost of Grand Island furniture restoration services is based on many factors. This includes the extent of the damage. The more damaged the piece of furniture is, the more work it will require, therefore the more you will have to pay. This is because the restoration exercise will begin by first fixing the existing damage like fixing cracked and broken pieces, putting back loose parts, and removing stains. Bigger pieces of furniture will take a longer take to fix and will utilize more material than smaller pieces, therefore they will cost more to repair.

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Another thing that will affect how much Grand Island furniture restoration contractors charge you includes the type of finishing used. If the contractor has to change the type of finishing used, so as to match the new design, then they will charge more than if the finishing didn't deviate too much from the original finishing used on the furniture.

Hall County Furniture Restoration FAQ

Furniture restoration in Grand Island can repair different kinds of furniture no matter the size. Some of the furniture that are often repaired include sofas, recliners, kitchen chairs, rockers, mirror, cabinets, and tables. Generally, Grand Island furniture restoration contractors can repair anything that is broken. Cosmetic repairs include fixing dents, scratches, tears, stains, spots, cracks and frays. Some of the major repair jobs include fixing broken or bent frames, broken legs, loose springs and damaged upholstery. Generally, it will cost more to fix major structural repairs compared to how much it will cost to fix cosmetic repairs.

This will depend on several factors. Consider the monetary value of the furniture, as well as its sentimental value. If repairing a piece of furniture will cost much more than buying a new one, then it will make good financial sense to just replace it. However, if the item has sentimental value to you and you do not want to get rid of it, consider hiring an experienced Grand Island furniture restoration professional to fix it. Also, consider the original value of the furniture. Some furniture pieces are antique and of high quality, such that it may be hard to find such pieces in the market. In such cases, you are better off getting a Grand Island furniture restoration professional to fix it instead of throwing away your antique piece.

Yes, they can. They will completely remove the furniture upholstery, so as to examine the structure of the furniture before they start to repair it. They will not only rebuild and reinforce the structural frame, but also fix the upholstery a well.

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2022