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How Much Does it Cost to Coat a Roof with Rubber in Pelham?

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Rubberized Roof Coating can increase the value of your home by $1,856

Rubber roofs or EPDM has been a popular roofing solution among many homeowners both within the country and other regions of the world. They were introduced to the local roofing market more than 4 decades ago, and since then, they have been continuously used in many home structures. Rubber roofs are used in many flat roof house structures. They are surprisingly cheaper to produce, quite easier to install, and can last for many years. Because of its popularity, manufacturers also use rubberized roof coating in Pelham to provide an added layer of protection to the rubber roof. Getting a new Pelham rubberized roof coating entails a lot of benefits that many homeowners can take advantage of. Applying rubberized roof coating in Pelham can increase the energy efficiency of a rubber roof. The insulation and sealing qualities of the coating will ensure that the EPDM roof will be warmer during the winter season and cooler all throughout summer. This can help HVAC systems regulate the indoor temperature more efficiently. Pelham rubberized roof coating can also reflect the heat of the sun away from the rubber roof. Because of this amazing reflection quality of rubberized roof coating in Pelham, it can lower the temperature of the roof and may also prolong its life.

Fair price breakdown

When estimating the cost of applying a rubberized roof coating in Pelham on your rubber roof, you need to consider a few variables. This includes mainly the amount of rubberized roof coating required, the size of the rubber roof, and the labor cost. The cost of a rubberized roof coating in Pelham is estimated to be around $60 to $80 per gallon. 1 gallon of Pelham rubberized roof coating can cover up to 40 square feet of rubber roof. Most retailers and manufacturers also offer the coating in 5-gallon pail. It can cost you around $250 up to $360 and save you $40 up to $50.A 5-gallon pail of rubberized roof coating in Pelham can cover 200 square feet of roof area. If you have a 2,000 square feet or 20 square roof area, you will need 10 5-gallon pails of Pelham rubberized roof coating which can cost you around $2,500 up to $3,600.

Estimated final cost for rubberized roof coating

Item Quantity Fair Price
Membrane Roofing System Cost 1282 Square Feet $1,258.94
Membrane Roofing System Labor 20.1 Hours $1,171.06
Membrane Roofing System Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $244.73
Membrane Roofing System Equipment Allowance $71.84
Totals - Cost to Install Membrane Roofing Systems - 1282 Square Feet $2,746.57
Average Cost Per Square Foot $2.29

Find the Best Costs on Rubberized Roof Coating - Pelham, 10803

EPDM roofs or rubber roofs are sensitive roofing materials. They should be handled by professionals who have enough experience and training when it comes to the installation of the said roofing material. The same goes when you want to apply rubberized roof coating in Pelham. Many homeowners believe that it can be done as a DIY project only to end up disappointed when the flat rubber roof starts to leak when it rains. Rubberized roof coating in Pelham is an added layer that will prevent this from happening and provide extra insulation to your home. If you want to save money, hiring a professional to apply the coating once will cost less than hiring a professional to repair your flat roof in the future or redo the coating application. Roof contractors typically charge $30 to $60 per hour for the application of Pelham rubberized roof coating. On average, it will cost you around $3,000 to $5,000 to get a professionally applied rubberized roof coating in Pelham.

Westchester County Rubberized Roof Coating FAQ

On average, it takes around 2 to 4 hours to apply rubberized roof coating on a rubber roof. However, this may change depending on the size of the roof and the number of the people working on the job.

Definitely. A rubber roof may last for up to 20 to 30 years. It can be extended up to 35 to 40 years with regular application of rubberized roof coating.

Rubberized roof coating is basically available in two colors, white and black.

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2019

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