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How Much Does it Cost to Have Pea Gravel Delivered in Philadelphia?

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Pea Gravel can increase the value of your home by $231

Possibly, not everyone is able to afford a brand-new asphalt or concrete paving. It can be unfortunate, but unquestionably real in today’s uncertain economic circumstances. Apart from the money necessary for materials, laying asphalt or pouring of concrete calls for the utilization of a few pieces of large equipment that usually do not come cheap. Nevertheless, there is a good alternative and that is pea gravel Philadelphia. Although not an excellent alternative to asphalt or concrete, Philadelphia pea gravel comes with a few advantages of its own which will make it appealing, specifically to people on a budget. Pea gravel is small, pebble-sized bits of stone. Typically, they are remnants coming from quarrying and refining much bigger pieces of rock. It could be manufactured out of almost any quarried piece of rock. If installed correctly, a Philadelphia pea gravel driveway could be virtually as long-lasting as asphalt or cement for a considerably smaller price. As opposed to asphalt and concrete, pea gravel is available in numerous colors and may also be mixed to create distinctive, eye-catching color combinations. Pea gravel Philadelphia are also able to absorb rains and liquid splatters which allow it to safeguard your lawn or landscaping from damage. Some kinds of Philadelphia pea gravel feature additional fine rock particles that basically help keep the gravel together over a long time of usage. Although it will not be as solid as cement or asphalt, this can contribute to maintaining your pea gravel lot in good shape.

Fair price breakdown

Smaller pea gravel Philadelphia project that requires 200 square feet of area coverage usually cost approximately $350. Most homeowners are reported to spend around $220 to $382 on average. For a smaller project like this, you might want to consider buying pea gravel Philadelphia in bags of .5 cubic feet. You may find these bags available in your local home improvement stores. The price of Philadelphia pea gravel may vary depending on your location, but it typically falls between $4 and $6 per bag for plain or neutral pea gravel. If you prefer brightly colored gravel, expect to pay around $6 to $8 per bag.

Estimated final cost for pea gravel

Item Quantity Fair Price
Pea Gravel Cost 215 Square Feet $144.58
Pea Gravel Labor 2.1 Hours $92.33
Pea Gravel Job Materials and Supplies 200 Square Feet $24.65
Pea Gravel Equipment Allowance $39.75
Totals - Cost to Install Pea Gravel - 215 Square Feet $301.31
Average Cost Per Square Foot $1.51

Find the Best Costs on Pea Gravel - Philadelphia, 19102

Large pea gravel Philadelphia projects may require you to buy pea gravel per cubic yard or per ton. For this kind of project, you will normally need to get in touch with a landscaping supplier to be able to buy pea gravel in large quantities. Pea gravel Philadelphia is estimated to be $30 to $35 per cubic yard. A ton of Philadelphia pea gravel can cost you approximately $40 to $45. If you want the colored variety of pea gravel, you may need to add extra $20 to $50. Purchasing pea gravel Philadelphia in bulk may help reduce the price to $15 or $20 per ton. The cost of hiring a professional to lay down your pea gravel Philadelphia is around $31 to $31 per hour.

Philadelphia County Pea Gravel FAQ

Pea gravel can best be used in paths, patios, driveways and playgrounds. They are also commonly used in landscaping and gardening projects. They are often overlooked as mulch mixtures that are used in plants, but they are not.

Maintaining a pea gravel is relatively easy. You will just have to rake the surface every now and then to keep it clean and tidy. It may sink into the soil after some time, so it is recommended to replenish at every 3 to 4 years or when you notice that they visibly sink to the ground.

Removing the snow might be challenging but can be easy when you get used to it. You will just have to shovel the snow on top of it while leaving a thin layer. Make sure that you do not disturb the gravel beneath the snow. When all that is left are the thin layers, you may now melt it with salt.

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2021

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