For many homeowners, summer is the perfect time to take on home remodeling projects, and painting is an easy DIY project that should be at the top of any homeowner’s priorities. Why paint in the summer? Well, painting requires a lot of ventilation and a lot of time spent not in the room while the paint dries and the air clears, and that’s a lot harder to do when you’re stuck in the house during a blizzard. During the summer, though, it’s much easier to crack open all the windows you can and spend time outdoors while your home improvement project finishes drying. Even better, consider hiring a professional painter to come in right before you leave for summer vacation - your house will have time to air out, and you’ll come home to an updated look without any of the hassle! If you weren’t planning to paint and are in need of some inspiration, why not check out some styles that are trending this summer? You may just find something that fits your own style and is guaranteed to keep your home shining long past the summer sun.

Try a deep lush red for your interior painting
Unique bedroom coloring


Some trends aren’t really new trends at all, and some of the most popular colors for interior decorating this season are colors more reminiscent of the 1960s with a modern twist. Olive green is particularly popular right now, as are deep, rich blues with a glossy finish and paired with modern whites. If you’re not feeling nostalgic, look instead to rustic, earthy colors for a kitchen update or flowing, airy pastels with neutral accent pieces in a bathroom. On the other hand, if your style is more bold than pastel, consider using bright colors that pop, like a deep teal or bright burgundy.

Though style upgrades can be bright, sometimes painting is more helpful when it tones down the personality of a room, particularly after a style mistake you’ve had to bear for a while. But neutral colors go through style trends too, and darker grays are trending right now, easily paired with splashes of color and lighter pastels both.

A friendly green accent wall can be easily painted for your home
Green wall painting


You can absolutely add accent pieces in any room to finish the look of newly painted walls, but why not take it a step further with an accent wall in a complementary color? Accent walls are trending right now, allowing homeowners to really showcase their creativity and style with a focus wall or area of a room. While accent walls aren’t much more difficult to create than any other painting, the real trick is to choose the right wall and the right color to create a dynamic, inviting space (when not done right, rooms can end up feeling mismatched, sloppy, or just plain uncomfortable). Interior decorators are trained to create styles that flow and can help if you’re a little unsure what the best option might be. The upside of painting an accent wall? You may not have to repaint the other walls of the room, leaving you with only one wall to worry about.

All white interior painting makes for more powerful color statements
White on white contrast


One of the newer DIY painting trends to hit the proverbial shelves lately has been using paint to create striped or patterned walls (and no, we’re not talking zebra stripes). All you’ll need is some painter’s tape and two (or more) complementary colors, a ruler, a design idea (yours or another’s), and some patience, and you can easily create a pattern that, when painted, will have the look of a professionally designed wall. Designs can be basic stripes or more intricate patterns, and either option should be seamlessly incorporated into your interior style so as not to overwhelm the rest of the room. But done right, the effect can be awe-inspiring. Get creative and enjoy your space!

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