Believe it or not, this type of ceiling was once really popular. Maybe because people actually thought it looked good, or simply because it was that much cheaper to get this for your home. It was also a way to hide ugly ceiling imperfections without going over a budget.


We are done with it by now since there are so many better and more affordable solutions nowadays. Check out these five before and after photos of popcorn ceiling removal!

“Give light and people will find the way. - Ella Baker

1. Under the stairs

This simple transformation already makes a huge difference
This simple transformation already makes a huge difference. Source: canadianwebcreations

This popcorn ceiling doesn’t even look that bad, but still, the removal made a huge difference. Before the transformation, it looked dark and dirty, not really a beautiful sight to greet the visitors once they pass the front door. Now, the ceiling looks clean, fresh, and made the house look more modern and new!

2. Closet space

Your closet will even look brighter after removing this ceiling
Your closet will even look bigger and brighter by removing the popcorn ceiling! Source: bluebirdchic

Whether you decide to DIY or to hire a professional, you need to be ready to commit to it. But don’t worry because it will totally be worth it. I mean, check out the photo above! The room isn’t even finished yet, but it already looks so much brighter and prettier, doesn’t it?

Before anything else, what you need to do is test your popcorn ceiling for asbestos (especially if it was installed before 1980). If you go with a professional, then they will check that and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

3. Fan details

If your ceiling has details like a fan, the removal will look great.
If your ceiling has details like a fan, the popcorn ceiling removal will look great. Source: prairieandpines

There are a few tips you need to follow before you start a popcorn ceiling removal, for example, if your ceiling has lighting fixtures or ceiling fans, you will need to remove them to perform the job. Besides, you also need to:

  • Get furniture out
  • Protect other light fixtures and switches
  • Use a pump sprayer to wet the ceiling

This last tip will help with scraping the popcorn ceiling without creating too much dust. It’ll definitely make cleaning easier!

You can also simply just contact a pro to get the service done. It’s much easier and faster, and you will be able to just relax and enjoy your brand new ceiling.

4. Living room

You can remove the popcorn ceiling and use panels instead.
You can remove the popcorn ceiling and use panels instead. Source: doityourself

Your living room will look like a brand-new place once you remove the popcorn ceiling and choose something extra special like this homeowner did in the photo above. The new wooden texture in the ceiling creates this cozy, cabin-like energy and it’s incredible!

5. Beadboards


Popcorn ceiling can cause allergies.
Popcorn ceiling can cause allergies. Source: Apartment Therapy

It’s not only a matter of looking bad, but popcorn ceilings can also have asbestos (as I mentioned before, the first thing you should do is get it inspected!), and it increases the risk of having allergies at home. It’s really easy for dust to accumulate there and pollute your home’s air.

Check out what happened once a home remodeling was done in this room:


You'd never imagine this as a result, right?
You’d never imagine this as a result, right? Source: Apartment Therapy

Doesn’t it look great? I think these beadboards make this room look so much better. Kind of gives it a cottage or farmhouse vibe that’s really cozy, just way more inviting than the previous popcorn ceiling.

Get a free quote for a popcorn ceiling removal and enjoy your fresh new home!

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